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SP-Studio Discord serverhttps://discord.gg/NJQ8eWEhcS
Follow this link to join the shiny new SP-Studio DISCORD SERVER! Since I am not very active on Discord this server is run by somebody else with way more experience: Jareen2 (longtime SP-Studio Forum moderator) had the idea and created it. Thank you very much! I trust Jareen2 enough to do a good job over there, so this is an “officially approved unoffical platform”. I will reply to questions in the #support and #feedback channels and you will be informed about any updates in the #announcements channel. But you can also share your pictures or just do small talk. See you there!

To celebrate the launch we will have a meet-up in the voice-chat this Saturday at 7pm CEST.

29 thoughts on “SP-Studio Discord server

  1. klara

    oops; i meant jenny simons from south park ; and i learn my lesson ; i am not supoese to spam you and troll you ; and i will be fallow your rules this time not two ;because thats a spaming ; so yeah ; and i am a little sick today ; i am keep coughing ; i have a sore throat and i have a running and stuffy nose ; i am going to the doctor on monday

  2. Janina Post author

    Get well soon!
    I will allow your posts again so you can show that you stopped spamming.
    Your wishes came through, but I actually don’t want to copy South Park hair anymore… it feels lazy to just copy. But I will allow your wish for french fries for the Wish Voting Gallery 🙂

  3. klara

    oh ; i didnt know that ; anyways ; cute smile in your commeent ;; is so cute; and when i get home on monday when i come back from the doctors ; i will let you know how id i get along at the doctors ; oh ; and i almost forgot to ask you a question ; how are you doing today

  4. Janina Post author

    You know… the comments are not really for smalltalk about personal things, because it can get really chaotic if everybody does this. That was the problem which started the spamming in the first place. Why don’t you join the Discord? I think it would be perfect for you becase there you can always talk with others about any topic. I am there and other SP-Studio fans as well. Give it a try! Discord is free. You can find the registration link in the blog post or in the menu bar.

  5. Janina Post author

    What do you mean exactly?
    First you go here and decide if you want to download Discord for Windows (= install it to your computer) or use it in your internet browser.
    Then just follow what they tell you to do 🙂
    If you are asked for an invitation link to a server you use this one: https://discord.gg/NJQ8eWEhcS

    When you have joined the server you will see the send button. We can help you then over there. But so far it seems like you have not joined the server yet.

  6. klara

    because i cant press my key bords with a with a cicle on it to make an email ; its not working ; and the worst thing i cant even find the a with a cicle one that i have a the the emall on south park studio

  7. Janina Post author

    How old are you actually? This is not meant as an insult, but I am a bit worried. You seem to have no basic computer knowledge… which is okay, we all learn it at some point! 🙂 But you usually learn this at school. I just don’t want to lead you to a platform where you can chat with other people if you are too young for this.

  8. Janina Post author

    Okay… let’s still play the game and assume you are no 40 year old man trolling me…

    You should really learn this. Ask your parents, teachers or friends. Because a 16 year old should be able to navigate the internet savely. This will not only be important for your hobbies, but for your future as well. Your generation grew up with the internet, so I am sure some of your friends can help you with the basics. And it is not that hard to use Google to search for answers to your questions. Nine year olds manage to do this, so I am sure you can learn it too. 🙂

  9. klara

    i guess you are right ; i thinki should tellone of myolder sibilings ; they know english a lot ; ecept for my olderbrother beccaus he cant speeak english ; but i wil try to ask him when he comes to the christmas

  10. Janina Post author

    Sorry for assuming this wrong. If they do not teach this at your school and it is difficult with your family as well, you can try this on your own:
    It is a really easy tutorial for beginners about copying and pasting text. This way you will be able to copy an e-mail address or any special symbol. 🙂 It is not as long as it seems because they deecribe different methods.

    Then you can try the Discord registration again. Just copy your e-mail address.

    And try to use Google.com whenever you have a problem with your computer. You will be surprised how many tutorials you will find. Just write something like “how to copy paste text”. This is how I found this tutoarial as well. If you are good at finding stuff with a search engine like Google this will help you a lot with any computer problems.

  11. Janina Post author

    It is the key you use to write big. A big arrow pointing up. It’s usually in the lower left corner of your keyboard.

  12. Janina Post author

    You know… I’d really like to help you, but it seems like you need to learn a lot of the basics and I am not a teacher or your parents. Sorry, but I hope you understand that I do not have the time for this and it is difficult to explain things here in a comment section without knowing your background. This is not the right place.

    Using Google is not that difficult. So please go to https.//www.google.com and type in what you want to know. For example “What is a spambot?”. You can even try this in your native language to make it easier for you to understand.

  13. Janina Post author

    No, I am not mad. But unfortunately I do not have the time to teach you all about computers. And I cannot explain it in your own language. So it is better if you use Google.

  14. klara

    ok ; you are an alsome creactor janina ; and i love the new an old items and wishes ; i will wait for the neck braces ; no matter how long it will take

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