Hair and sheep

T.E.A.R.S. updateThis is a mixed update with 5 new items. They were inspired by fan art (this one) I drew for Rocketbeans’ “T.E.A.R.S.” show. Rocketbeans TV is a German Twitch channel and T.E.A.R.S. is their pen & paper rpg (created by Hauke). After I finished the picture I thought: “Hey, some of those items might be useful for the SP-Studio!”. So here they are: 3 new hairsytles, a beard and a sheep.
And there is another update… I think you will like it :). This was a wish by contest winner Jetpack-guy, but also something I had on my list for a looong time. The order of some layers has changed. Now you can wear ties under vests and jackets if you use the freestyle collection. And shirt motifs will appear under jackets as well if you select them for level 3. In the past ties and shirt motifs always showed up on everything else.

8 thoughts on “Hair and sheep

  1. andres zamora

    Este sitio segun entiendeo y segun se ve por las imagenes es de los mas avanzados y con mas opciones al momento de realizar tus autoretratos lastimosamente la pagina esta en taiwanes. Hasta el momento no la he podido hacer funcionar por eso la pongo como bonus, si alguno de ustedes descubre como usarla por favor comente ya que se ve muy interesante.

  2. Janina Post author

    I am from Germany and only speak German and English. Can you write about your problem in English please? The Google translator is not very good.

  3. Bonczik

    If you can extend a football uniform. Add components in Freestyle Collection (with a choice of color).
    Make a flag in his hand (you can just white).

  4. Kami

    Can you either do a Big Hero 6 update, a FNAF update, or have the princess Kenny wig? You can do either of these or all of them if you wish.

  5. Janina Post author

    I always look for interesting items for halloween updates, and bodyparts inspired by FNAF could be a fitting choice. But I won’t do any more South Park updates in the near future, sorry.

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