Ursula make-up (The Little Mermaid)

Ursula make-up (The Little Mermaid)

5 thoughts on “Ursula make-up (The Little Mermaid)

  1. Paul/Tony Maroj

    Since my birthday is on the 1st…could you maybe include the Ursula legs, necklace, and make-up in your Christmas special as a gift? This would make me very HAPPY!
    Thanks in advance either way you choose. Your the best Janina!

  2. Janina Post author

    I am sorry, but I will not do this. The reason is: If everybody else sees that this works, they will spam me with their birthdays and expect me to draw updates for them. And then they will be disappointed if it was just a one time thing.
    But no worries… I can tell you that one of your wishes has good chances to appear in the special. 🙂

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