Two colors body

Two colors body

10 thoughts on “Two colors body

  1. Janina Post author

    It can help to build animals with a two color pattern or characters with a half burned face (like Two-Face from Batman). I can also imagine something like a “day and night” picture where one part is in the sun and one in the shadows. But I want to see what others think about this wish before I include it. 🙂

  2. JorgePr

    Could it also be that the body is one color and the head is another? Like blue hed and green body?

  3. Paul/Tony Maroj

    I think that the two color body is a brilliant idea!!!
    I also LOVE @JorgePr ‘s idea for it!!!
    Why not have both? Split down the middle and have it split as head and body!!! This last idea would be great for the headless horseman type ideas or when you just need the head for a picture!!! (Would be cool for a Medusa type pic, eh @Eggy ?)

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