Broken arm / leg

Broken arm / leg

7 thoughts on “Broken arm / leg

  1. klara

    super, happy , yaaaaaaaaaaaay , woooah , i love this wish , this will be alsome , i love it i love it , someone who made that wish , that wish is so cool , eeeeeek , sorry if i am going too crazy , but i just love it , the broken leg and arm is sooooooooooooo great andd really really really really really cool , i am so exited , yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay , i think my head is about to pop , that wish super cool janina

  2. Lyvia Pia

    I don’t think the actual meaning of this is only a broken leg. The correct statement would be “Aid Kit Tools” relevant to injury and wound accessories. It’s useful for pretend playing a hospital, aiding, or accident scene. I would like Ms. Janina to took a glance of this items and give it a chance.

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