Food (mixed update)

Food (mixed update)

There are many food related wishes so it might be better to collect them here. Please comment!

6 thoughts on “Food (mixed update)

  1. Paul/Tony Maroj

    I like the idea of the popcorn bucket especially if you made a cinema seat background… By this I mean so the character can sit and watch the movie in a theatre! This would be cool!!!!!
    Also cereal and pie!
    Oh and fruit cake for the holidays also those Christmas treat platters with the church windows (love these) and the neat sugar cookies with the designs and the cookies with the big chocolate chip in the middle! These I grew up on and it would make my day to see them in sp style!

  2. klara

    i am terribly sorry ; but i cant eat the people foo ; i have phenylketonuria ; its a iagnosis that ii was born with ; an why are you calling me sweety ; i am sweet ? ; not to be mean ; but just asking

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