(Contest) news (November )

SP-Studio contestBefore I talk about the contests let me announce something about the forum: You can access the old forum again to save pictures and text. But it’s broken, so new posts do not work. I will switch to a new forum software and try to rescue as much as I can, but I cannot promise anything. So please save anything you want to keep.

Since this whole PHP problem made things a bit chaotic for me, an update is about to be finished and the Christmas Special is around the corner I will skip the picture contest for December. This means the current contest about ROAYALS runs longer. You can submit your pictures until November 31st. The voting will run trough December.

In the meanwhile have a look at the last winners: Congratulations to Art Vandelay for winning the FATALITY contest! Please contact me when you want to claim your prize – a free wish for a SP-Studio update. You can find all contest winners in the HALL OF FAME.

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