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Animal month: Safari!

South Park animalsThe second “animal month” SP-Studio update includes 8 new body parts inspired by African animals. You can use them to create zebras, cheetahs, elephants… but they are useful for other animal characters as well, like tigers or walruses. Those are the new items:

  • stripes & points for the skin
  • paws as hands
  • trunk as a nose
  • cat mouth & elephant mouth with tusks
  • cat ears & elephant ears

Which animal parts do you want to see in the upcoming updates for this month?

6 thoughts on “Animal month: Safari!

  1. Jareen

    Well the 2 under changes the skin to freddies and give not the spots/stripes.
    And is it normal that i can’t change the colour to something else than black?

  2. Janina Post author

    The two buttons on top are for black stripes/spots, the ones on the bottom are for stripes/spots in different colors (related to the skin color). If those do not work please try to refresh this file:
    I had some technical problems with the spots and stripes, so this is why there are two buttons right now. This will change in November… the category is pretty messy right now, I really need to have a look at this ;).

  3. Janina Post author

    I don’t inlcude different body shapes because 2 shapes means 1/2 items for each of them. This would be boring. I prefer a picture maker with one shape and A LOT of clothes, body parts… which can be combined freely. If you want to ead more about this check out the F.A.Q., I explained it there.

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