Stupid eyes...

  • Get well, soon! I think spending more time outdoors under better lighting conditions and with watching objects in varying distances will already help. When I was working on my bachelor thesis and spent even more time indoors than now I also had the feeling my vision got worse. But it improved again. And I'm looking forward to your gardening videos! ;)

  • Thanks - and as soon as something is growing I will give an update about the gardening :) I also ordered a bigger screen to help my eyes relax during work. And to make sure there is no other health issue involved I will also get a second opinion from specialists.

  • Thanks to all of you. :)

    In the meantime I have been to a second doctor and she immediately noticed very dry eyes. So I got some eye drops now I take multiple times per day. If this is the reason for my problems I shall notice an improvement soon. If it does not help I will try the next step in eye drops and then visit a clinic for a bigger check up. So at least I have some things to try out during the next 2 weeks. And I spend more time outside... well... as long as the weather is not super shitty. It's raining a lot lately which is not the most motivating when it comes to gardening or long walks.

  • Unfortunately no improvement with the eye drops so far. And I cannot get an appointment at the big clinic without seeing my doctor again first, so it's a bit frustrating right now. I think I will upload a smaller SP-Studio update next because I am not sure yet when my eyes will get better. I can work a bit, but really slow and with a lot of breaks. :( Some days are better, some are worse and I try to find out why.

  • Update: I finally got my brain scan and was pretty nervous before, since they wanted to make sure there is no brain tumor. But everything in my head is alright! :joy: While this does not help me with my eye problems I am very relieved because nobody wants any crap going on in their brain. They actually did two MRI scans: One of my upper spine and one of my head. I can't thank our health care system enough because I did not have to worry about any costs.

    So I seem to be really healthy according to blood tests, MRI, ECG and all the other stuff they tested so far. Which is great! But... what about my eyes? Though at first the doctors told me my glasses are fine I will get new glasses now because there is not much left to try otherwise. I will also see a neurologist, but I am not sure if this will help.

    In the meantime I try to adjust to this annoying situation as best as I can. It might not get better soon, but at least it's not getting worse. I switched to bigger fonts on my computer screens to make reading less stressful for my eyes. I work on detailed images (or SP-Studio updates) mostly before noon because on good days my eyes can handle it when they are not tired yet. I take breaks and try to be outside a lot to challenge my eyes to look at different distances. All of these things combined help me to get through my day pretty well and finish my freelance jobs. I always tell myself: It could be worse. I am not getting blind. It's just unfortunate that I cannot handle drawing small details as good now as I used to.

    But I get updates done again and want to try finishing two of them per month. Right now I work on up to 5 old items per day to bring them back, and this is a good number. Of course it also depends on my other work, but it feels good to slowly come back. The next update will be online early next week. :)

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