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  • Janina you ROCK!!!!

  • Hello, happy Christmas🎄🎄🎄

  • How can you upload a picture from your computer?

  • The creator of this website!

  • hello

  • hello

  • hello

  • i forgot my password and it was a keyboard smash. SEND HELP😖😖😖

    • hey guys. your password is oebfwiniihn; your welcomes :whistling:   :gnnn::idea:

    • hEy gUyS, no it wasnt

    • How can I help you?

      I could create a new passwrod for you, but It looks like you cannot receive e-mails. And I cannot write your password here in public.

    • i can use a different email

  • does anyone know how to post ur character? i made tracy from thirteen and i wanna show people what i made

    • Hello Tracy, you can make an thread in Unedited SP-Studio pictures and upload it there. If you have any further questions, just send me or Eggyslav a message :)

      -Jareen2, moderator

    • I just saw that Tracy' account was not apporved yet. Usually this is possible by e-mail, but I activated it now.

      Now you can write in the forum and show pictures :)

    • thank you so much janina!

  • Janina Do Marge Simpson with red pearl necklace, chartreuse strapless dress, blue beehive hairstyle (Use short hair 51), and red shoes with living room background (Use simple living room)!

    • Can't you do that yourself? This is not Janina her task. Also please do not spam this. Thank you

    • YOU tell em Jareen2!!!!

    • why are you so obsessed with the simpsons? might as well make your own game of it💀

  • can you activate my acount