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    The SP-Studio got some new historical items!

    All of these originated in the Twitch livestreams I did during the last two weeks. Thanks to the chat for the feedback and ideas!

    The update comes with eight items:

    • a background with greek columns
    • musketeer costume (a fitting red hat was already there)
    • wig in Marie Antoinette style
    • Thracian gladiator helmet
    • single pencil mustache
    • crakows as new shoes
    • Two pharao insignia

    Just in case you wonder: The western background I started drawing during the last livestream will come later. I am not satisfied with its current look but did not want to delay the update for one item. We will decide on Friday if the next update should bei "History 2" or something related to pop culture. "Future" was another possible topic, so let's see what will work best. :)


    I usually read everything, but sometimes I forget to follow a thread when much is going on in "real life". Then I think "let's read this later and reply then" and suddenly it's three months later and I feel ashamed to reply so late. ;)

    There seem to be none in the chat, but who knows who wants to watch. So I use the UTC format just in case.

    We usually go out with the dog soon after 22:00 and I am really tired today... but we will see how long it will be this time.

    I just realized there is no daylight saving time in UTC - so now 18:00 UTC is 20:00 CET in Germany because we have summertime since yesterday. This means the stream will start one hour later for those in Germany and other countries with daylight saving time. That's 2,5 hours from now.

    I totally forgot about this thread, but now I read the rest of it. You made some great improvements and it's great to see that you still stick to the things you love doing. Right now I am at the same point as you were when you wanted to create your own characters instead of using the South Park style, so I know how difficult this is.

    Thank you for your company and feedback!

    Sunday will be strictly drawing this time because I want to finish the update. So if Eggy wants to join for some history related talk this is the last chance. ;)

    Yes, I felt better about it as well :) I was less nervous and think I was able to follow the chat better. The last part about the coding was a tough one, but I will only explain this once.

    Thanks again for joining!

    I think I will stream again Friday and Sunday, so I can finish our drawings during this week. Then the update could be online on Monday the 30th.

    Absolutely. Since I worked alone on this project since forever it is a fresh new feeling to get instant feedback. And I enjoyed experimenting with the shoes with you as a group. Everybody who joins the stream should consider to participate in the chat. :)

    And I have decided about the next stream. Since I might have to work more during the week I will stick to Sunday:

    Sunday, 22.3.2020 at 18:00 UTC (19:00 CET)

    I will stream for 2 - 3 hours and of course you can join later if you miss the start. We will work on new items for the upcoming SP-Studio update about historical fashion. But I also want to talk to the chat and you can ask questions. Let's just have a nice time! The dog cam will be activated as well, so you will see a lot of Aaron's butt for free.

    Things I learned from my first test and want to improve:

    1. I enjoyed interacting with the chat but did not think of those viewers who might not read the chat. Next time I will read out loud every question before answering it. At least I'll try to remember.
    2. I realized I am really bad at drawing when I have to talk at the same time. So please don't expect an amazing art stream! ;) I focus on rough sketches and clean up the details later.
    3. The beginning was very chaotic because everything was new for me. Next time this will go smoother for sure because I won't be so nervous.

    The chat has one important job to do this time: Please remind me of saving the file every 30 minutes. Everytime I save the file the dog will get a treat!

    Thank you. :) I did not feel calm at all... I was very afraid to talk nonsense, my drawing skills were worse than usual and I forgot to look at the cam or chat often. But I guess it was a good idea to do this stream to get rid of my fears and to train these things. And it was a lot of fun! I even felt like it is a good way for me to work on the SP-Studio because I often have problems to actually start with a new item. This way we can do this together and then I finish the details on my own.

    I think about streaming again Sunday at 18:00 UTC (19:00 CET) for 2-3 hours, but I will announce it later when I am sure about the time. Since most of those who were interedted in joining the stream are located in Europe this might be a good time. And for the U.S. it works as well because it's in the early afternoon.

    A big thank you to everybody who joined me for my first live stream! After being pretty nervous in the beginning I felt way better after 3 hours. ;) It was a pleasure to have some nice company while drawing new SP-Studio items. I will do this again soon.


    Currently many people are sitting at home and might be a little bit bored. So I want to try something new. I will stream while I am drawing stuff for the SP-Studio. So if you want to join me, follow this link:

    First stream: Friday, 20.3.2020 at 18:00 UTC (19:00 CET).

    You can check your local time here:…so=20200320T19&p1=83&ah=1

    I will try my best to talk in English, which might be really funny for you because I never get a chance to practice. :) Of course you can ask questions or make suggestions about what I should draw tomorrow.
    Please don't expect any professionalism, because I never streamed before. This is a first test. If it works and anybody shows up at all I might do it again with a different time.