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    Lars is currently coding something very useful: A search function for the SP-Studio! :joy:

    With this new search bar you will be able to filter all items for their names without browsing the categories. But we struggle to find the best place for it.

    Important: This will just be a little extra, because picking the wrong words will limit your results.

    For example it will be nearly impossible to search for certain hair styles this way. I don't even know how to call them in German. The search will only work in German and English, because I cannot translate anything else. This is why I don't want to put the search bar in a dominant spot. Using the categories will still the best way to find what you are looking for in most cases. So they should be used first.

    This is why I am asking for your opinions on where to place the search function. Should it be a little search icon or should the search bar be visible instantly? Should it be in the category menu next to the main category icons? Or at a totally different place? We most likely need to deal with the mobile and desktop version in different ways.

    I am curious about your thoughts. :)

    The vote has started!

    We have an amazing record with 486 pictures. What a blast to look through all these colorful creations! :)

    The public vote will be accompanied by a jury vote for the first time in the history of the SP-Studio contests. This jury conmsists of six experienced members of the SP-Studio community and their task is to rate the pictures as objective as possible by creativity, skill and artistic value. The jury members are:

    Art Vandelay  DavidSchwarz  Eggyslav  Jareen2  Paul/Tony Maroj  SpookyRookie - and me, Janina. :party:

    Votes by the jury count more than regular votes and I am looking for a 40% jury - 60% public weighting. In the end both results will be published here in the forum for transparency. Of course jury members are not allowed to vote for their own pictures.

    Fun fact: This month there were about 250 disqualified pictures which were against the rules (about 80 weren't even SP-Studio pictures). And about 80 double entries.

    Three new languages have been added today!

    • Slovenian provided by SP-Simon.
    • Italian provided by Jabilo (Ivan Pellegrini).
    • Portuguese (BR) provided by Artsy the Creator.

    Thank you very much!

    Small changes were added with the help of Deepl.

    This is a beautiful drawing!

    I wonder what would be a good way to share background pictures and other assets... should we try an extra sub forum? If it's not used that often that's fine, but I think it would be worth trying to keep these assets sorted in one place.

    20 new items have been added to the SP-Studio!

    During the last weeks I’ve been drawing many of your wishes, and I hope you like this update:

    • 4 belts (studded, rhinestone, striped cotton, rainbow)
    • 3 hair clips (small, star, heart)
    • 3 necklaces (big jewels, small pearls, heart)
    • 4 earrings (heart, star)
    • 2 colorful bracelets
    • nose to ear chain & wallet chain
    • armwarmers & legwarmers (these have been requested a lot)


    Some were wondering what exactly is meant by a "monochrome" picture. So here are two examples. Pick a color and try to only use variations of this color. Black and white are always fine for small parts because it is difficult to avoid them. A completely different color is only allowed for tiny parts (in this example the belt). And remember to pick a fitting background! Unfortunately, many pictures are uploaded without a background.

    tracys4_lifer Everybody can join :) Just upload your picture on the contest page.

    Sorry, but for now it's a small hand picked jury. Nobody needs to be sad if they are not part of this, because I was looking for very specific things in these people. And there are no big meetings or anything special... their votes just count more than usual.

    Of course the jury members should not brag about being part of it. ;)


    This is a special challenge! The picture can be about whatever you like - just stick to shades of one color. Red, blue, green, yellow, pink, brown, grey… choose one and try to stay in this range. It is allowed to have tiny parts in different colors, but not much. That's all there is to say. I want this to be a free, creative contest topic, so you can create a fashionable OC, recreate a monochrome movie scene or come op with somethign completely random.

    SP-Studio picture contest 04/2023
    Create a picture about an animated Disney character! You can pick any character from a Disney cartoon or animated movie. But no Star Wars, no Marvel.

    Please remember: You are only allowed to use the SP-Studio, so do not edit with additional software (no cutting, drawing or filters). Don’t resize your picture. Of course it must be your own creation.

    The rules are as always:

    1. CREATE a SP-Studio picture about the topic of the month
    2. UPLOAD your unedited picture until the 20th
    3. VOTING will start on the 21st on the contest page
    4. THE WINNERS will be announced at the start of next month


    This month we will test something new: The public vote will be only one part of the final results.There will also be a jury made up of experienced and trustworthy SP Studio artists. They have a particularly good eye for how much effort and creativity went into a picture. This is often difficult for newcomers to assess. Unfortunately, there have been many cases recently where, for example, pictures were chosen only because they had a currently popular cartoon as their theme. Therefore the jury vote is introduced to make the final result fairer. The combined jury vote counts a bit less than the combined public vote and both will later be shown for transparency.

    So far the jury consists of Art Vandelay, DavidSchwarz, Eggyslav, Jareen2 and myself. Jury members are still allowed to participate but are not allowed to vote for their own pictures.

    Family Guy and The Simpsons were continued with new episodes under the reign of Disney after they bought Fox, so I let those pictures through. I thought about deleting them at first, but they were not against the rules. When I wrote the rules I did not think about these special cases, so... my bad. :)

    Congratulations to the winners!


    The Top5 were closely followed by miki (Vanellope) and Chaos (Mirabel), but Art Vadeley was the clear winner with nearly 100 votes.

    There were so many cool pictures. Don't be sad if you did not make it to the Top5, it was really hard this time. It was a new record with 205 pictures and 517 people who voted. Several Owl House fans did not vote fair, so some votes were disqualified to keep it fair for everybody.

    The contest page with all pictures and comments will stay online.
    Here is a longer list of the top rated pictures, sorted by their amount of votes:

    Only 2 days left! Vote now! :)

    And a little reminder for those who are new: I noticed several people only voted for pictures about one specific franchise. This is not the way these contests work. You should vote for the most creative pictures - not for your favorite show or movie. You can still change your vote if you did so.

    There should be an info icon in the bottom right corner of every picture. You can click on it to either hide or show the info text for all pictures (title and name). This should be activated for new visitors by default, but I will check the settings.

    Unfortunately, the name is not shown in the big single picture view. It seem like there is no way to change this. In the AI contest I uploaded all the images myself, so I added the name to the title. But this time I used the regular upload.

    There are more pictures which are screenshots and their size is slightly off. I thought about deleting them, but allowed them anyway as long as they don't have a benefit from this. On some iPhone browsers it's possible that the save button does not work, so I cannot forbid to use screenshots. And since we have many new visitors I don't want to be too strict about it as long as the size is not totally off. :)

    The vote for the Disney contest has started!

    SP-Studio picture contest 04/2023
    Create a picture about an animated Disney character! You can pick any character from a Disney cartoon or animated movie. But no Star Wars, no Marvel.

    Like as many favorites as you want.

    There are SO MANY cool pictures this time! With over 200 accepted entries this is a new record. By default they are shown in a random order, but you can sort them by title to make it easier to compare similar characters. And don't forgt you can also write comments.

    Jareen and I already looked through the pictures and many were deleted which did not fit the rules. But if you notice anything fishy please tell me about it. With so many entries something might have slipped through.