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    bobbysnow Yes, that's the show. Every episode is a self-contained story on its own, and all of them deal with the impact modern technology might have on our society. It's a very dark mix between sci-fi and mystery horror.

    But I had to remove your link because it is not allowed to share illegal downloads / streams here. Black mirror can be found on Netflix. Everything else... well... we don't talk about this here. ;)

    I am very excited for the Game of Thrones finale! This might become my personal highlight of this year.

    bobbysnow : How many seasons have you seen so far?

    Another current favorite of mine is Black Mirror, and I am looking forward to the third season of Stranger Things. I just hope they put less romance in it... this did not work for me last season.

    My favorite finished tv show is still Lost. I love crazy mystery stuff, and there were a lot of great characters. I'd recommend it to everybody who hasn't seen it yet. It aged well.

    I am currently watching The Umbrella Academy on Netflix and like it so far, but I am just at epsiode three so I am not entirely sure about it yet.

    Oh, and Russian Doll is a short but neat time loop story from 2019. Eight episodes, easy to binge watch.

    James Bond. I prefer the melody and there is way more material to work with, because since 1962 so many strange things happened in these emovies and there are a lot of iconic characters.

    Do you prefer to just relax when you are on vacation? Or do you want to see and do many exciting things?

    Hello ramdin and welcome to the forum. :)

    There was concern among the forum team that this is an adult manga, so I removed the link fpr now. And I am not sure about the copyrights of the uploaded version? But I guess who wants to discuss it will find it easily.


    The new SP-Studio contest is about anything that happens at night!

    1. Create a SP-Studio picture about night time
    2. Upload your unedited picture UNTIL MARCH 20th 2019
    3. On March 21st VOTING will start here on this page
    4. On March 1st the winner will be announced

    The winner gets a free wish for a SP-Studio item of his or her choice.

    Rules for pictures:

    Your picture must be at least 300×300 px big (not the small size). You are only allowed to use the SP-Studio, so don’t edit with additional software. No cutting, rotating or color changes. And of course it must fit the current topic. Since the last topic was very specific this time it’s a free topic: NIGHT! So your picture must be set at night time. You can show someone sleeping or dreaming, partying late at night or burglars at work. Or how about nocturnal animals or a landscape in the moonlight?


    Congratulations to the winners!

    1) Foxy (Five Nights at Freddy's) by Lenny White - 16 points

    2) Boo (Super Mario) by Mike - 13 points

    3) The G Man (Half-Life) by Eggyslav & The Great Mighty Poo (Conker) by Jareen2 - 9 points

    5) Doctor Neo Cortex (Crash bandicoot) by Coledarklord101 - 7 points


    Though I like a realistic scientific approach to Science Fiction (like in Contact, Primer or Arrival), but I guess I enjoy Fantasy elements even more... So I go for light Science Fiction. For example Iove time travel movies, even if the concept of time travel is not well explained.

    Choose one: You can teleport for up to 10 km three times per day... or you never have to sleep again but stay awake and healthy.

    As the admin of a huge South Park community (not this one, I mean the German one a couple of years ago) I met many fans and I can asure you most of them are pretty normal people who just share a certain taste in humour. :) Of course there are some who just enjoy they show because of the curse words and who want to act like Cartman... unfortunately there always are black sheep. But most understand it as satire. In my experience the younger fans who don't get the satricial part yet often are the ones who act antisocial because they feel like that's what the fandom is about. But as they grow older and actually meet other fans this changes. Most SP fans are really nice people who laugh about Cartman but don't act like him.

    It might be interesting for your report that there is a huge fan art movement as well. Not just with SP-Studio pictures. Many fans draw their own art inspired by the show and their favorite characters or invent their own character for this universe. I feel like there are two main types of South Park fans: The ones who see it more as a social commentary or satire, like a late night show. And those who are huge fans of certain characters and are excited about their adventures as if it was a life action show with actors. They "get it" as well, but their focus is a little bit different.

    Good luck with your report!

    Hello UP,

    your topic was closed because you already asked the same question in an existing topic. But I guess it makes sense to keep things in one place, so I reopened it and added a fitting title. :)

    Regarding this website: It is used by people who are South Park fans and people who just like the look of the characters and are no fans of the show. Some of my visitors never heard about South Park and never watched an episode. Today the main connection to South Park is the drawing style of the characters, but I stopped drawing backgrounds and costumes from the show because I felt it's very limiting. So while it started as a fan project I guess it grew to something different.

    Regarding South Park: When I started working on this project I was a huge South Park fan. But today I have to admit I am more interested in the community than in the show itself. I still run another website,, which is the biggest German South Park community and I met most of my friends there. The last couple of seasons were not my cup of tea. I like the older seasons for their satirical humour. They combined dumb jokes and clever satire in a unique way. Well... and obviously I like the drawing style. ;)

    Modern games for sure.

    I cannot stand the look of old 3D video games (like the Playstation 1/2 or N64 era). Pixel art holds up better in most cases, but I am often frustrated by the game mechanics of old games. Today I want my save points and a comfortable UI. There are just a small amount of old games I can play longer than about 15 minutes (Lemmings, Dr. Mario and some classic point and click adventure games).
    Regarding board games: Complex board games for an adult audience have made a HUGE step forward during the past 20 years. So I don't want to go back. I'd say we are living in the best times yet for analog gaming! The huge amount of creative indie games is exciting.

    Rainy weather or extreme heat?

    Work, because I enjoy my freedom. School was fine and I loved meeting my friends every day. But my current job is the thing I really want to do and since I am a freelancer I can select my clients, plan when I want to work and don't even have to leave the house. There are no math problems or sadistic phys ed teachers anymore.

    Soup or salad as an appetizer?