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    There are new things about the new SP-Studio I can show you! So the livestreams return. :)

    This time we will discuss some of the new features and design decisions. For now I focus on the mobile version. There have been some pretty big changes since the last time I showed you the layouts, because Lars (the new programmer) had some great ideas for improvements. He has more experience in app design than me and this comes in handy.

    I hope the date is okay for everybody who wants to join, but I can still change it.
    Friday, 25.9.2020 at 16:00 UTC (18:00 CET)

    Are you going to add more long hairs, Heidi Turner’s hat and Annie Knitts’ hair in the new version?

    There will be new long hairstyles. But I am trying to not copy South Park items anymore since 2015.

    I thought about this decision a lot but stick to it for a while now (as good as I can ;) ). It feels more creative and fun to draw my own things. While I know many visitors of the SP-Studio are fans of the show and like the original SP characters I did not even watch the last couple of episodes... I kinda lost touch with it. I still love the drawing style, but I feel no deep connection to the South Park characters. This might sound strange, but I hope you understand what I mean.

    In addition just copying South Park items might result in copyright problems at some point, so this is the second reason why I stopped doing it.

    That said: Heidi's hair already is in the SP-Studio. :) Go to the long hairstyles, you don't need to scroll to the right. But you should remove the shadows/highlights to make it look like Heidi.

    I might add a curly hair-style inspired by Annie someday, but I won't just copy it then.

    also, do you guys pretend to revamp the South Park styled avatar by making it look more accurate to how fourth graders look in the show?

    Do you mean changing the base shape of the SP-Studio characters? It will be improved a little bit because it was not 100% symmetric. But I felt no need to change it a lot. Big changes would not be possible because then I'd have to redraw all clothes to make them fit again.

    Finally some problems with the development were solved and so I can give you a detailed update on the current situation. Some time was lost, but it looks good now! :) A new programmer offered me to help with the coding: Lars. He uses React and what he created during only a couple of days already is really impressive. I will show you screenshots and talk about new features as soon as we are 100% sure about it.

    Read the whole blog post here:

    If you have any questions about it feel free to ask here or in the blog comments.

    OKay, this looks interesting:

    It is a Flash Emulator, which means it can run Flash files in the browser like the official Adobe Flash Player. I tried my main file and it runs smoothly, but I haven't tested yet if it can deal with the rest of the SP-Studio. I will install it on my server to give it a try. If it works this could make the current SP-Studio available after 2020. And it might even work on some mobile browsers! The save function might not work though, so you will need to make screenshots.

    It will not replace the need for the remake, because running Flash with a third party emulator sounds not very secure. But it might buy me time if needed and the classic SP-Studio won't be lost.

    I am sorry, but I decided to not have any contests until my development problem for the new SP-Studio is solved. This is overshadowing everything right now... I am researching possible frameworks / game engines and am writing an announcement for the website.

    I won't continue work on the new update for a while because I need to fully focus on the SP-Studio remake. The situation with finding a new developer is depressing for several reasons. So there will be no livestream today... but maybe next week. I am currently learning about different frameworks and game engines, so this might be an interesting topic. But right now I could only talk and not show anything yet, so it would be pretty boring for a livestream. Let's hope I have better news soon.

    I believe they will be able to continue drawing their images with Flash. They just need to save them in a different file format (jpg, gif, png, svg,...) and it will be okay.

    It's a bit confusing, but there are two "Flash" software tools Adobe publishes: Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Animate (formerly known as Adobe Flash).

    Adobe Animate / Flash is the software which is used to create Flash content. Artists use it to draw and animate cartoons. I use it as well. It is expensive and offers many functions. It will continue to exist, but it will focus on different file formats now. So you will be able to work with it on pictures and animations as you used to, but the results are no Flash files anymore. I guess this is why they changed the name some years ago.

    Adobe Flash Player is a free browser plugin. It only shows Flash content - it does not create it. Like a movie player. This will stop working after December 31st.

    Since December 2020 is near more details about the end of Flash support are showing up. One thing might be from special importance:

    From January 1st 2021 you won't be able to run any Flash content on your computer.

    It is described like a self destrucion mode: "Adobe will be removing Flash Player download pages from its site and Flash-based content will be blocked from running in Adobe Flash Player after the EOL Date." So it is no option to just ignore some security warnings and continue using an old Flash Player plugin. For the SP-Studio this means the current version won't be accessable anymore after December 31st, even if I keep it online. :(

    There is hope that third party develeopers will find a way to run Flash content in your browser with a new plugin. There is tons of beloved Flash content on the internet, and it would be a shame to loose it all. So I believe clever people are already working on this. But right now I don't know if and when such tools will be available. If you find anything about this topic you can share it here. I will keep the Flash version of the SP-Studio online just in case, even after the new SP-Studio is launched. But... well... It's best to prepare for the worst case.

    Good work, I like them!

    Two ideas regarding the blurry hair:

    1. There should be an option for your paint tool that's called "hardness". Set it to 100% to avoid blurry edges. But if the picture is very small this might not be enough.

    2. A trick I use for more accuracy is to enlarge the picture by at least 200% (not just zooming - change the actual size of the picture). Usually it's easier then to work with the paint tools and they become less blurry. Of course everything else gets a bit blurry, but that's not important because you will change the size back after you are finished.

    I appreciaty any creative rout somebody takes, even if it might not result in a winnig place.

    But there still are (very close) winners... and here wo go:

    Contest 08/2020: Fashion

    Reynolds Woodcock
    1) GDmattman
    Reynolds Woodcock

    (9 points)

    Pop Punk Fashion
    2) Ramos Alarcon
    Pop Punk Fashion

    (7 points)

    Tommy Hilfiger
    3) Dan Hadelman
    Tommy Hilfiger

    (6 points)

    Tommy Hilfiger
    3) Art Vandelay
    Tommy Hilfiger model

    (6 points)

    Hollywood fashion
    3) Norman Stanbrook
    Hollywood fashion

    (6 points)

    Hedgehoe's wonderful picture of Audrey Hepburn would have won this contest, but unfortunately I had do disqualify it. Additional editing is against the rules and as far as I can tell the black and white look is not possible with th necklace and cigarette.

    The rason why I'll never do this is maths:

    Let's say about 1.000 of the current items require changes for different poses (or body shapes) to work with them (shirts, pants, fashion accessories, gloves,...).

    So to implement just 1 additional pose I'd have to redraw or at least edit 1.000 existing drawings. It's time consuming and super boring.

    This would mean about a year in which I'd have to stop working on the SP-Studio remake and any other updates.

    I would loose viistors because there are no updates, and most likely I'd loose all fun because it is such a boring task. ;)

    So the calculation is: Do you prefer to have 1 additional pose & no other updates for a year & a delayed SP-Studio remake - or do you prefer many different updates & the SP-Studio remake in time for the death of Flash?

    When it comes to big updates like this it's always a decision if I want to spend my limited time for one thing or another. I strongly believe that many different updates with 100 or even 200 new items are more appealing than only one new pose that requires the same amount of work. It's just not worth it compared to what you can do with this time if you use it in a different way.

    So... sorry, It would be a bad decision to do this.