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    Congratulations to the winners!


    The number 1 picture got 21 votes. Next up were pictures with 14 / 13 / 12 points. At first I thought the winner was cheating because the hair looks strange, but it turned out to be a bug. So he did nothing wrong. :)

    Thank you for joining the contest! I thought about the software I am using right now and will not continue to do so. It feels not safe. But I might have found a better one I am testing right now.

    Okay, we have a problem here...

    I checked the current results of the vote and they look really strange to me. Of course everybody has a different taste - but this is supposed to be a creativty contest and if someone uses the items in a creative way I feel like this should lead to a higher position then if you don't move them at all. Only 2 votes for Dana, 3 votes for Art Vandalay or 4 votes for Kylo Renoir feel not fair. Not because I know their names (I don't think I know Kylo), but because I see their pictures and feel like they deserve better.

    So far I have no evidence for cheating and no evidence that the plugin is not working well. Both are an option though, because the plugin does look cheap. It's just a feeling that the results don't represent the most creative pictures. This happened before, but I never felt like the results are as chaotic as this time. Please tell me how you think about it when I publish the results later today.

    Update: toys are back

    56 items have been added to the “objects / toys & sports” category!

    Most items from the old SP-Studio are back in improved form, inlcuding many sport items and videogame consoles. As a special bonus you get two completely new items: A pile of board games and a LEGO brick! These were wishes by my Patreon supporters.

    With this update every category is filled with the most important items. I will stop doing the Sunday updates now and instead bring back the rest whenever I am finished. It’s been some busy weeks with a lot of pressure, but I am very happy with how the new SP-Studio turned out now that most items are back. And of course I hope you enjoy it as well.


    Beautiful picture - but now I know what you meant with the bad looking monkey. It seems like it was even more resized when I uploaded it to the forum.

    The vote has started! 24 pictures are waiting for you!

    Unfortunately I deleted two entries with Keanu Reeves because he is no bllionaire (not even close). But I wonder if I missed something if two different people decided to submit a Reeves picture? If you feel like he belongs please explain it to me. ;)

    And I wonder why so many people are not using hands this time. Is it because they are not added automatically anymore when you delete them and add a new body? I understand you can make it look like hands are in the pockets of the pants this way, but I was surprised by the amount of handless pictures.

    Update: more objects

    73 items have been added to the “more objects” category!

    How about two new mobile phones as a bonus? A retro phone and a modern one were added. And with this update nearly all old items from this category are back. Some seasonal items will be added later, because I could not handle more in one week. Of course I improved all drawings and added custom colors.

    The retro phone replaces the old phone which looked like a calculator. I thought about keeping it, but it was so ugly,.. I will add a nice calculator at some point for those who used it as one. ;)

    And I noticed a bug with the flashlight I cannot fix right now. The light has small lines in it. This comes from the way radients are rendered in the browser and it was no problem in Flash. Difficult to fix it without ruining the light effect...

    Next Sunday's updates will be about toys and sports objects.


    Indeed I cannot replace body parts with body parts wich are smaller. But I have artificial legs on my list - as long as they are as big as the real legs so they can cover them.

    Sorry, I did not make it today. :( I finished the Sunday update for the SP-Studio at 23:30 and am still updating social media. But I will start the vote tomorrow as soon as I find the time to sort and upload the pictures.

    Pictures submitted after the update will not count because it would not be fair with all the new objects.

    It's been a while since I did this... and it shows. :lol:

    I just started working on the next update. It will be about the "everything else" objects which are still missing completely. But I already started editing the drawings months ago, so let's see how many I can finish until Sunday. I am currently reordering them, because the most common "hobby items" and items with not so simple drawings should come first. They might be most important for casual visitors. So I will now start with the laptop, phones, cameras and then the tools for painting, writing, cooking and gardening. The medical items are moved to the middle after the hobby items. The rest might stay similar to the order in the old SP-Studio.