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    Replied to the thread Hello, I'm David.
    well back in the 'golden days' we hit around 20 to 30 entries for a contest. And quite a lot more creativity on avarage. Sure often the most creative still wins highest. But back then more high creative ones were made.

    And everyday people would come…
  • Jareen2

    I have to admit I never watched Star Trek so I am not great with names. I only know Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Picard and Sulu.

    But I reconized a specific character. So if it is him. Good job on it then to make non trekkie (that is what star trek fans called…
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    Replied to the thread Contest 09/2019: MEDICAL DOCTORS.
    I am in to!
  • Jareen2

    Replied to the thread Contest 08/2019: THEATRE.
    Yes I made the Hamilton pic. I first was gonna make a picture of the Phantom behind his organ with Christine to the side, but then I red Janina her post asking for no more Phantoms. So I decided to make a musical poster (And was not gonna recreate my old…