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    I honestly didn't even notice that I didn't include hands until now:drop: but I'm digging what I see so far!:)

    When I saw the name of this topic I didn't even think of Forrest Gump. But it does fit the topic :D

    Also you could have acted clever and just say they have their hands in their pockets as referenced in the Weird Al Song: Gump

    Gump sat alone on a bench in the park

    "My name is Forrest", he'd casually remark

    Waitin' for the bus with his hands in his pockets

    He just kept sayin' life is like a box of chocolates

    The old SP-Studios aren't easy to find. A recommendation for plug-ins would also be useful.

    It's not for the contest. I already submitted my entry. - Uploading the file would be a solution, if it's not to much of an inconvenience.

    Here is a link for all the old sp-studio versions that require Flash

    And I got a chrome extension called Ruffle that enables Flash

    Lady Da'ana


    Race: Elf

    Class: Mage

    Long lost sister of Bella Ravensong, Lady Da'ana is a powerful mage, specialised in elemental magic. After an accident involving a summoned elemental, she was banished from her master's tower. Since then, she roamed Southparkia in search of employment. Unfortunately, her bad luck followed her everywhere she went. Da'ana concluded, that it was a result of a curse she was struck with, when she left her home, a long time ago. Desperate to lift the curse, she turned to the Fiends of Southparkia. Jareen the Mad allowed her to browse the Grimsgate library in search of antispell, but in turn, she had to aid the fiends with her destructive spells.

    Get well soon!

    Erbis M'etalle


    Race: Dark Elf

    Class: Necromancer

    Madame M'etalle is the young apprentice of King of Worms. While Eggiz'lah studies Dark Arts for power it grants, Erbis is more of an academic type. Her gruesome experiments, both on living and Dead, got her banned from the Mages Guild in Planearia, but still, her thirst of knowledge has no bounds, and no trivialities such as ethics will stop her. Recently she even started to write a vast encyclopaedia (written with blood on human skin parchment, of course), of forbidden knowledge, and it is Erbis' ambition to make it bigger and more famous than the Necronomicon itself. Seeing her zeal and ambition, Eggiz'lah personally inducted Erbis to the Fiends of Southparkia.

    Mhud'zee Kipseh


    Race: Human

    Class: Beastmaster

    "There is no mercy, nor there is compassion in Nature. Only the strongest can win in this game. The prize? You get to live another day." This is the motto of Mhud'zee Kipseh, the mighty Beastmaster. Though of small stature, Mhud'zee makes up for is with sheer brutality and a pack of ferocious monsters that serve her as their Alpha. Lady Kipseh is also the ring master of illegal animal fights. Her Arena was discovered and destroyed by Southparkian Royal Guard. She fled to the East, where she joined the Fiends of Southparkia.