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    I have a collection of historical weapons replicas (mostly swords and flintlock guns). It includes a spanish rapier, a greek Xiphos, a viking and high medieval sword, A japanese sword set consisting of a Tanto, Wakizashi and Katana, a medieval arrow (without a bow unfortunately), plus two flintlock pistols and a blunderbuss.

    I haven't drink it, but all energy drinks pretty much taste the same, and I quite like them (in moderation of course). Yum.

    Cereal without milk? Yum or Yuck?

    Never tried it, but I'm not a fan of Japanese cuisine (too much fish), so I'd say yuck?

    Shrimps, fried with garlic, butter and parsley, Yum, or Yuck?

    Dear Santa:

    I am really curious, how does your title work? Are you the same St. Nicholas of Myra who's been giving gifts since 3rd century AD, or is it like a continuous legacy, like it was the case in movies like Santa Clause? If it's the first, how are you still alive after 1800 years? The Wiki article says you died on 6th December, 343. Did you... faked your own death? It seems unlikely to me you're the same person. In that case, the title of Santa Claus must be a hereditary thing. Is it like from father to son, or do you choose your successor? Or maybe, you don't have just one successor, and there are a couple of them all around the world. That would explain how different countries have a different version of you, like Sinterklaas in Netherlands, or Ded Moroz in Russia, or Father Christmas in England. This has to be it! There's no single Saint Nick! There are many regional variants of yourself, and each and every one of them cooperate toghether to bring presents on the Christmas night. And the North Pole is the command centre, where you and other Santas coordinate your movements and work! Oh, Dear Santa, I think have cracked your case! You aren't just a solitary harbinger of joy. You are a whole league of mythological present givers, a 1800 years old secretive cabal of festive merrymakers. I do believe my theory is correct, and I can bet you it is. I've been a good boy this year, but if I'm wrong, you'll give me a lump of coal this christmas. If i'm right however, you'll have to give me an SSD with at least 1, no, 2 TB of space.

    See you in 19 days



    Oh boy... There are 20 Michael Jacksons already. There are so many pop stars to choose from any everybody does Michael Jackson. :o

    And many OCs. Several people just created random "k-pop stars" without a name or random South Park characters with a microphone. I guess I'll have to delete many pictures before the vote starts... unfortunately.


    Cosmostar's name implies he has something to do with space and/or stars. So here are my propositions:

    1. Cosmostar's job is to create new stars, and come to those who's time is up, y'know, like a stellar Grim Reaper. With just one touch he can make the star turn into supernova, or collapse into a black hole.

    2. Cosmostar is the guardian and caretaker of our Solar System. He deflects meteorites away from planets, cleans the space debris, checks if the moons are in correct distance to their planets, and supplies the sun with fuel. Of course, his favourite planet is Earth, and when he can, he helps astronauts in their mission.

    3. Cosmostar is just an alien. An intrepid explorer from a distant galaxy, with reality warping powers.

    For all my graphic editing needs, be it SP-Studio pictures or game textures, I use Paint.NET. It's free, it's user friendly, and has many plugins you can download.