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    Prioress Dana Zu'ul

    Prioress Dana is a member of Adepta Sororitas, an all female order militant, who's the armed forces of The Ecclesiarchy, The Church of the Emperor. Her elite squad of Battle Sisters was chosen by Lord Inquisitor Jareen Secundus to acompany him on board the Planearium, to purge any heretic and traitor that might lurk in the ships bowels, and would interfer in it's most holy mission. Prioress Dana is a paragon representative of Adepta Sororitas: fierce, incorruptable, and completely devoted to Emperor of Mankind.

    Lord Inquisitor Jareen Secundus

    Lord Inquisitor Jareen is a member of the Imperial Inquisition's Ordo Hereticus. It is his job to keep order on board of Planearium, and quell any signs of HERESY amongst the crew. Born and raised in the gang riddled hive world of Necromunda, Jareen has found solace in serving the local Tempestus Scions regiment, and after he shielded his Lord Inquisitor with his own body from a Melta Shot fired by a Chaos fanatic, He was inducted into the Higher Echelons of the Inquisition.

    Archmagos Epsilon-99-Ypsilon

    Hailing from Forgeworld Deimos, Archmagos E99Y is a high ranking member of Adeptus Mechanicus, The Cult of Machine God, located on Mars, who provide the Imperium with all it's technology. As every Techpriest, E99Y underwent a thorough cybernetic augmentation, leaving very few organic parts of his body intact. On board of Planearium, Archmagos E99Y has the role of Chief Engineer, and has the authority over countless other Techpriests, Servitors and Menials on board. It was E99Y's Magos Explorator team who found the new parts for Golden Throne on Mars.

    Lady Admiral Himmen

    The Master and Commander of Planearium. Hailing from a family of Rogue Traders, Lady Himmen is an experienced void navigator, and one of the best leaders Imperial Navy ever had. It is said that only she knows the details of the Planearium's mission. She was decorated with the Star of Terra, for her valiant defense against Drukhari Pirates.

    In the Grim, Dark Future, There's only War.

    It is year 40M 89, And the Galaxy is at war. On one side is the Great and Holy Imperium of Man, founded by the Emperor Himself, to lead humankind into greatness. On the other side there are foul Xeno races, the Fallen Eldar, The Warmongering Orks, The Ever-Hungry Tyranids, and other abominations hailing from the darkest corners of Space. Then, there are the human traitors, worshippers of Ruinous Powers of Chaos, who in search of power, have forsaken their humanity, and became the daemonic servants and cultists of four Gods of Chaos: Tzeentch, Nurgle, Slaanesh and Khorne. Here we follow the intrepid crew of Imperial Frigate "PLANEARIVM", as it's on the way through Segmentum Solar with a very secret mission: Transposting Spare parts for Emperor's Golden Throne, the sophisticated life support system, and a psychic beacon, without which space travel would not be possible...

    Could a wooden peg-leg be added?

    Not really, for two reasons:

    1. Unlike Hands, which are a separate drawing, the legs are integral parts of the character body. Janina would have to redraw the body without one or both legs, for such a prosthetic to look correct.

    2. The body shape proportions also aren't really suited for that, as the legs are short and stumpy, so would be a pegleg. It just wouldn't look good.

    Hmmm, let's see:

    The Rococco Justeaucorps

    The recolurable medieval cuirass (Was my wish after all)

    The "Crusader" Armor with white surcoat with cross

    All three generic Sci-Fi suits

    The Poet shirt (Another of my wishes)

    Ezio Auditore Shirt

    Dr. Strange Robe

    The cloak that was cathegorised as shirt

    And Jack Sparrow's pirate coat.

    Ten Items in total, It's okay if you can't make some of them. :)