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    You're right about Taylor Swift! And maybe someone else can find out the song's name?

    I always think people aren't that easily recognizable in the South Park style. So I came up with the idea to portray songs as you can google the song text and so have an additional help. Is my assumption wrong?

    By classical, do you mean like Beethoven and Liszt?

    I wasn’t very active over the last weeks. The reason was a massive computer problem. But I’m glad I could save all my data. Now I got a new laptop and successfully reinstalled all the software I’m working with. So let’s go again!

    As Eggyslav found out (with a little help of mine), the band I was looking for in the last entry was No Doubt. And just for the sake of completeness, the song in question was “It’s my Life”.

    To celebrate my comeback I chose a song, again. It’s a cheerful one with quite a funny video. And although it’s singer often gets criticized for the banality of her songs, in this piece she’s quite self-deprecating:

    Who knows the song, who can tell me the singer’s name?

    It's a morloch from H.G. Wells' The time machine.

    (Hi Eggy, Jareen and all other 'oldtimers'. :wave:).

    I actually already resolved it two days after I posted that question, but of course you're right. Nice to get to know you, by the way.

    I think, after more than a month I should reveal the secret of the last Next Generation character: It's Ro Laren. Maybe she isn't popular enough.

    The next character was mainly involved when crew members had to get beamed to a planet. Later he moved to a spin-off series where he got more opportunities to show his technical skills. Who remembers him?

    All the time I was wondering that nobody came up with the name of the song. Now I realize that in my original post I did indeed only ask for the name of the singer. So I give you one more chance to guess the song's title. As I told you, it's hidden in the last post. But you can also quite easily find it by googling the snippet of the song text in the picture.

    By the way: How can you tell apart bots from real users?

    Did Ariana Grande recently switch to blond hair? In any case I don't think she was already active in the music industry in 2003. But it's always nice to welcome somebody new here on the forum. And I'll keep her in mind for the future.

    In my opinion there can be no doubt that it's indeed Gwen Stefani. But technically that's not the correct answer, yet. She recorded the song with her band before she opened a new chapter in her life by starting her solo career, so along with the song's title I need the name of the band.

    As an additional help, the correct answer is hidden in this post's text.

    Nobody seems to have recognized Dame Edna Everage. So I'll try a music act again.

    This singer covered an 80s song with her band in late 2003 before she took of to her solo career. Who knows her?

    Remember: Google can be your friend!

    The song I was looking for is Frozen. In this case it would have benn helpful to google the snippet of the songtext.

    The next entry in my quiz is at the same time a Christmas greeting. And who could be more suitable to bring you my Christmas greetings than this human Christmas ornament. Who knows her?

    The singer I am looking for ist also known as the Queen of Pop, so who could be more suitable for a quiz on pop culture? She is also notorious for re-inventing herself with every new album, which explains her outfit.

    Nobody here seems to share my fondness of old movies. This guy is a morlock from the original Time Machine movie.

    At least here in Germany there is not the slightest trace of wintry weather. The closest thing I could come up with to compensate for that is a new music act that at least deals with the topic of emotional cold within a relationship. Who can tell me the title of the song and the name of the singer?

    The next participant is from a movie from 1960. It's the screen adaptation of a classic work of science fiction. The story spans more than 800 000 years which might be a record. Here he is:

    The creature in question is a Sleestak from the obscure TV series Land of the Lost. I found a link with an authentic representation but be prepared to get scared to hell. If you're ready then click here.