The development of the SP-Studio remake in 2020

  • Oh yes, there will be anopther update. :) The final missing function is something very interesting, because the old SP-Studio did not have it. Lars worked on it today and it looks great so far and I see no bugs. So I am thinking about doing a livestream next Saturday to reveal it and show the big desktop version for the first time. The desktop design might not be 100% finished by then, but I guess it's time. Of course there will be ablog post with screenshots directly after the livestream.

    I also want to reveal the exact launch date next week, because until now I only spoke about "around the end of December".

  • Today I want to share some not so good news...

    Items which will NOT be included in the new SP-Studio anymore

    Since I won't need an app store I am in the lucky position that I don't have to follow their rules. So I was able to keep 99% of the South Park related stuff. But since copyright laws are a big topic in Germany right now I read a lot about it lately and I am afraid I will have to delete a couple of things anyway. It's just too risky for me to get in trouble with a big company like Disney/Marvel.

    I have struggled a lot to make this decision and you might remember that I hoped this would not be necessary. It's sad because I would love to keep all items in the SP-Studio. It took me some time to draw them and I am sure it is fun to use them for fan art. But unfortunately there is this unforgiving reality with copyright lawsuits... And I am not wealthy enough to risk continuing in the naive way I handled this topic until now. To be honest I should have done this a long time ago.

    So what will be removed? It's mostly items from the "shirt motifs" category, including:

    - all full South Park characters (15)

    - all band shirts (6) (but I wanted to remove these anyway)

    - all brand & superhero logos (7)

    I will also change the classroom and Cartmanland backgrounds to remove the famous South Park characters. But as I promised clothes, hair and all other South Park items will stay. This is just about the few complete characters. The superhero costumes will stay as well as long as there are no logos on them. Spiderman might be a problem, but let's see... I might draw some fake logos which are similar enough to recognize. I might also add some new music shirts in the future representing certain music styles instead of specific bands. Like the METAL shirt we already have. Oh, and since some of you used the South Park shirt motifes as background characters I will replace them with basic SP-Studio characters. We already talked about this during one of my Twitch livestreams.

    I know it's always sad to delete things, and I am sad about this myself. :( But let's try to think of it that way: There will be many many new items in the new SP-Studio to make up for this, because you can recolor more and there will be completely new items as well. And it is easy to add logos or additonal characters on your own after saving your picture. I you want I can even upload the svg files of the deleted items.

  • The release date will be the 21st of December!

    So it will even be before Christmas. :)

    And here you can see a first preview of the desktop version:


    The focus of the desktop layout is using the space in the best way possible to let you see many thumbnails without scrolling. The stage will be bigger on big screens as well, making it easier to edit your picture. The main category icons are always in view in the top menu bar and a second bar with tabs opens for the subcategories. More in the next blog post. :)

  • If you haven't watched the livestream I have a big surprise for you now:



    Usually I try my best not to exaggerate, but believe me when I tell you that this simple looking button is something special. It lets you combine any items, while usually items from one category replace each other. So it works like the freestyle collection in the old SP-Studio - but for EVERY item and with more freedom. Check out the new blog post to learn more about it:

    This is something I wished for for years, but I wasn't able to code it myself. I'm super happy now that Lars was able to do it! :)

  • Will coats and jackets be avaliable on the New SP-Studio, especially in the launch day.

    All coats and jackets will be available on launch day. At least that's the plan if I don't catch Corona. :) I haven't included them yet, but they have a high priority.

    Also, the blog post say people will be able to add different bodies, eyes and mouths, how it’ll be possible?

    When you click on the body and lock it you will be able to add a second body to the stage. It will be on top of the first one, but you can move it to the side and then you have two characters standing next to each other. Then you can do the same with eyes, mouth, hair... You can even have more than two items by locking more of them. There are only two things to consider:

    - You cannot add the same item twice. So when your first body was a standard body the second one has to be different (chubby, thin, hairy...).

    - You have to plan ahead because the first item locked will always be under the next item from the same category.

    But it is so much easier to handle than the old freestyle collection.

  • I will contact you here in the forum with a private conversation on Monday. Then you will receive a link to the beta version and all information you might need. I will assign you some tasks, but apart from that your main job is just to play around - build different pictures, use the item options and write down everything that seems to be "off". I will give you some examples for common errors on Monday so you know what you will be looking for.

  • A general question for future updates: Do you think new items should appear on top of the old ones as long as they are marked with a star?

    With the next update they would be sorted in the category list as usual. This way it would be easier to notice new items because you don't need to scroll - especially in mobile view.

    Sorting has become way easier in the new SP-Studio, so this would be no extra work for me.

  • It could be useful to place new objects in a more prominent position. But to me it seems more important to group similar objects together. I browsed a bit through the Studio with the object order in mind and found that for example different kinds of bags are dispersed over the fashion accessory category.

  • This will be improved in the new SP-Studio. In the Flash version I wasn't sure if I should group objects with the recolor option or not... this was very inconsistent. But now nearly all objects have recolor options, so there is no reason anymore to mark or sort them in a special way because of this. Now similar items (like bags, belts, scarfs) are always grouped.

  • I prepared a countdown for Social Media, because we all know nothing works today without shares and likes. So for the next 10 days I will post little preview pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote different features of the new SP-Studio - and I hope this way more people will notice the relaunch. :) Sharing is caring!


    Yes, there's a hint for one of the new items :)

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