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Halloween Update

Update: Happy Halloween!

Halloween UpdateWelcome to the SP-Studio Halloween Update!
I felt like drawing some creepy new items for this holiday. Like many other videogamers out there I am waiting for the final episode of Telltale’s amazing “The walking Dead” game right now, so this update is focused on zombies:

  • A bat
  • Intestines
  • rotten teeth
  • Ripped out eye
  • Messy short hair
  • Tattered shirt
  • …aaand candy!

Huge Anniversary Update!

Anniversary UpdateNew items for every category! To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this website I prepared an extra huge SP-Studio update. 22 new clothes, hair-styles, fashion accessories and body parts are waiting for you. And because it is the release date of Diablo 3 today some objects are inspired by the Lord of Terror himself. I hope you enjoy the update! 🙂
And please remember: If you want to support the SP-Studio and help it stay alive for another decade every little donation is welcome. Thanks a lot to everybody who already helped me to keep this project going!

Wish Voting Weeks: Choose new items!

I’ve got new SP-Studio stuff for you! This time there is no special topic and no limitation to a certain category. In the upcoming weeks there will be several updates with all kind of items. What do they have in common? They are all based on wish voting wishes of my visitors. YOU can make suggestions and vote for what you want to see in the SP-Studio.
If you already are a member of the SP-Studio community, you know how “Wish voting” works. But let’s describe it for the newbies: Click on “community” and register a nickname. Don’t worry, it’s for free of course. Then you can suggest new items for the SP-Studio by uploading pictures of clothes, hair styles or whatever you think would be useful. The other members rate your wish (1-5 stars) and can write comments. Please use the search before you upload something, because there might be a similar wish already. I will choose some of the best rated wishes and edit this entry whenever I add new things to the SP-Studio. Of course they will be announced on the front page of sp-studio.de too, so you won’t miss anything. If you want to know first if new objects are online follow me on Twitter or Facebook.
First update, 7.7.2011:
Wish Voting Update

  • shirt with cut off sleeves (dassenasse’s wish)
  • tears in eyes (SnowyBowser’s wish)
  • fishnet stockings (jellyfish’s wish)
  • ball & chain leg cuff (ViralMonster’s wish)
  • panda hat (SnowyBowser’s wish)

Let’s see what other updates you will choose, I hope you will enjoy the wish voting weeks!

Update: 63 new objects

Mixed UpdateEnjoy 63 new objects and more colors for the SP-Studio!

  • choose between 100 colors now for hair, skin and many objects
  • 15 new mouths and 4 eyes
  • different ears and noses were added to the “Face” category
  • face piercings and more earrings, which can be combined
  • 9 glasses and you can pick your own color for most of them
  • a better leather jacket and flannel shirts in different colors
  • 2 weapons, 2 shields and a nice Scottish Bagpipe
  • different tails, bird wings, a flashlight, a candle, a brush, a billard queue, a dumbbell, pliers and a piece of paper

Additionaly an Italian translation of the help text was added. Thanks to Mark Meilak! If you want to translate this text for your own language too, I would be happy to include it.
I hope you like this mixed update and there is something for everybody. As you might have noticed some of the new objects were chosen because they were suggested in the community wish voting and got good reatings. So if you have a request – post it there and maybe you’re lucky as well! The wished which are included were moved to the archives now and the votes are reset. Let’s see what will be chosen for the next update.

Pets Update

Update: The pets arrived

Pets UpdateNow have a look at the SP-Studio, click on “stuff” and you will find a new category there: animals! Cats and dogs are the most common pets, so I drew them in different colors and patterns to make it easier for you to recreate your own pets. Of course you can move every single one of them to the place you like by clicking on them and using the little menu which appears. It works the same way like with the others items.
When I created the new category for the animals I added another one: “fashion accessories”. There are no new items in it, I just wanted to organize the whole stuff in a better way.

Advent Calendar

SP-Studio Christmas Special 2008

The first big SP-Studio Christmas Special starts today!
I will draw one new item every day till Christmas, and you can send me your wishes. The first new part is a classic Christmas scene as a background. Many wished for that and I think it’s a good way to help you design your own Christmas cards. But what will be next…? Have fun with the 24 updates and keep checking back for what surprises the next days will bring!
By the way, I was overwhelmed by the number of e-mails I got. More than 2.000 wishes were sent in until now for this Christmas Special, and yes, I read every single one of them. It’s very hard to choose 24 items to draw, so please do not be sad if your request isn’t picked. I have already decided to work on special themed updates in January to add more of your great ideas. So keep on wishing :). By the way: I have fixed some small errors as well (layer problems with the masks, bracelets, ties and text tool).
Advent Calendar