Updates to bring back all the old items (+ surprises)

  • Update: regular shirts complete

    40 items have been added to the “shirts/long sleeves” category!

    This category is complete now. I improved many drawings, you can recolor them - and as a bonus I added three new open jackets. Since you can combine any items with the new SP-Studio it makes sense to give you more open jackets to combine with any shirt you want.

    Because some visitors did not notice or understand the new lock feature I added an info box about combining items. Remember you have to add the bottom shirt first, then lock it and then add the jacket.


  • And I have some good news for you! :) Well... good news for Eggyslav , bad news for Tommy Souden:(

    My workload this week is huge, so I struggle with my time for SP-Studio updates. It's been some tough months and I feel weak when I don't get enough sleep. So my husband actually told me to stop working so much and at least take one weekend off. He is right, I really should do this. So to keep my sanity I won't be able to finish 40 items for the music category this week. I will switch to a smaller update with some selected "special shirts" (most likely focused on history / sci-fi). So the plan changed a bit:

    7.2. shirts: some special costumes

    14.2. objects: all music instruments

    I am sorry for Tommy, but unfortunately I cannot plan my daily work ahead and so the SP-Studio updates depend on how things go.

  • Get well soon!

  • I'm fine, thank you :) I just notice that my body is telling me to get more rest. Better to listen now than to be sorry later.

    Are there any favorites among the missing "special" shirts you really want to see on Sunday?

  • Hmmm, let's see:

    The Rococco Justeaucorps

    The recolurable medieval cuirass (Was my wish after all)

    The "Crusader" Armor with white surcoat with cross

    All three generic Sci-Fi suits

    The Poet shirt (Another of my wishes)

    Ezio Auditore Shirt

    Dr. Strange Robe

    The cloak that was cathegorised as shirt

    And Jack Sparrow's pirate coat.

    Ten Items in total, It's okay if you can't make some of them. :)

  • For me the one I showed you before in steam and the harry potter robes with the multi colorable tie so you can change houses. And those black shirt with the torn sleeves (I think you used it for your scream character)

  • Update: special shirts

    12 items have been added to the “shirts/special costumes” category!

    This category is for all the historical clothes, unique costumes and regional outfits. As already mentioned the new update is a bit smaller because I am super busy with work, but I hope it's still useful. :) All drawings have been improved and recolor options have been added.


  • The next SP-Studio update with alle the musical objects will be released tomorrow. While I already finished preparing and fixing all the other musical instruments the guitars are not ready yet and need some extra hours. But I would like to upload this category as a whole, so this is why it will come a day later than usual. I want to make everything look nice for the new SP-Studio, so new strings are attached to all of these instruments. ;) This takes some time because I was not working with layers in the old SP-Studio. So when I delete the old strings I have to fix a lot. But the extra work on the details is worth it. Better recolor option are added as well, so for example the guitars have 2 instead of just 1 custom color. See you tomorrow!

  • Update: music

    42 items have been added to the “objects/music” category!

    This category is complete now. All items from the old SP-Studio are back in improved form and with recolor options. The guitars got new strings and you will find complete redrawings as well: The classic 80s walkman and the hand microphone. Two new surprise items are earphones without a visible device (your phone might be in your pocket) and wireless earphones. I hope you enjoy this update! :)


  • It was part of the pets category and I deleted it because I did not like this old drawing, it wasn't used often and it was a very specific South Park related item. While the South Park cats and dogs work without any knowledge of the show people were confused by the monkey because they did not get the joke if they haven't watched this one South Park episode. So when it came to redrawing it for the new SP-Studio I decided to deleted it instead of putting more time into an item that's so rarely used.

    Sorry if you actually liked the monkey, but it's one of the few items that won't come back.

  • you can download a browser extension that activates flash and then use the old sp-studio for it

    The old SP-Studios aren't easy to find. A recommendation for plug-ins would also be useful.

    If it is not for a contest I can upload a png file of it.

    It's not for the contest. I already submitted my entry. - Uploading the file would be a solution, if it's not to much of an inconvenience.

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