Updates to bring back all the old items (+ surprises)

  • Update: new skin & old places

    After the successful relaunch and your positive feedback I am super motivated to include more items. So let’s start with this huge update:

    • 24 NEW skin related items (more freckles, beauty marks, wounds, scars, body hair, tears…)
    • 31 places from the old SP-Studio are back, so this category is now complete
    • labels for the buttons to recolor items were added by Lars to avoid confusion

    The skin items are a special gift to my Patreon supporters. They can be found in the “wounds” and “more skin related items” categories and are marked with yellow stars. Soon you can expect more updates to bring back items from the old SP-Studio – and a new contest will start in less than an hour. I just wanted to get the update online first. :)


  • Update: hats complete

    61 items have been added to the “accessories/hats” category!

    As I already wrote in the forum my plan is to release an update every weekend until all the old items are back. This time I focused on the hats. The category is now complete, all drawings were improved and recolor options where added were it makes sense. But I don’t want to risk boring you with just old items – so with every of these weekly update you can expect at least one new item as a little surprise. This time it’s pretty useful: A hoodie hood! The excisting hood was more suitable for robes so I decided to give you something more casual for your characters to wear. You can combine it with a shirt of your choice and of course recolor it.

    Just the two tinfoil hats are missign because it is not possible to use bitmap textures anymore.


  • Update: tools & weapons complete

    72 items have been added to the “objects/tools & weapons” category!

    This category was missed by many SP-Studio fans, so I am happy to bring it back. The drawings for all items were improved and custom colors were added. And there are some surprises! The longsword can now be used in the hands. And I added four completely new drawings:

    • a new realistic looking pistol
    • a new regular shield
    • a better katana
    • a better chainsaw


  • This week I will have very little time for the SP-Studio, so I plan to finish the missing regular shirts since it is realistic to get this done until Sunday. Next week it will be a category of objects (music seems to be popular). And the week after this I want to finally start with the special shirts.

  • Things might still change but my current plan for updates looks like this:

    31.1. shirts: the rest of the regular long sleeves and maybe dresses

    7.2. objects: music

    14.2. shirts: special costumes

    21.2. objects: more objects (= mixed stuff)

    28.2. objects: toys & sports

    Every update will bring back the items from the old SP-Studio and include at least one completely new item.

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