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  • This page is (kind of) adding on to Janina's "search bar" post

    Imagine this: You're trying to make a character using the SP-Studio, but you may not be able to find the correct item, or the correct hair style. A suggestion would be an item search bar. However, this opens up a problem, since most items and hairs have names such as "Short hair 49" or "Bottle", it would be difficult to memorize all of the names. So here's a possible solution: Tags.

    When you're creating a forum post, you can set tags to help people find your post better. Maybe a short hairstyle can have tags like short, wavy, straight, or a food item could be food, edible, drinkable. However..

    Here are three problems I have with this idea of mine.
    1. There's a lot of items, accessories, and decorations, it would take up too much time to tag all of them.
    2. Like I said in reason 1, it could possibly take too much time, meaning Janina can't release new updates.
    3. It could break the SP-Studio.

    A possible fix I have is to release a beta version of it. Maybe only tag a few items at a time, and if it works well, then maybe it could be taken out of beta and added as an actual feature. But that's if we ignore problems 1 and 2. I've really never understood code, and I haven't for a long time. So i'm not quite sure how this item search bar could work. But anyway, what are your thoughts? Is this a good idea or a bad idea? And am I putting this in the right forum?

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    I guess you are referring to this post? I might merge both threads and change the title because it's basically the same topic.

    You are right. Because it is difficult to find short names which describe an item good enough for a search function tags would be a good solution. I already discussed this with Lars, because he does the initial coding. But - as you already guessed - I'd had to spend a lot of time adding these tags. While I don't think it would break the SP-Studio it would be boring work, would take away time from acutal content updates and the code of the SP-Studio would get more chaotic with all these tags in the way.

    I'd be willing to try this if ithe SP-Studio users really wanted this feature. But to be honest... the reactions to the search bar idea were nearly non existent. :drop: So I don't think it's worth spending time with such a huge project if the feedback isn't good at all.

  • But to be honest... the reactions to the search bar idea were nearly non existent.

    You didn't ask for opinions but rather announced the implementation. I guess, people where waiting to see the final result before giving feedback. I actually found the idea interesting but then forgot about it.

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    Oh, I did not only write about it here in the forum. I talked about it with other SP-Studio users as well. And I am not convinced that the huge amount of work would be worth it when I should try harder to get the monthly updates finished in time. Maybe later, when there are months with less work for me.

    The search bar itself was already working (apart from the fact that there was no good place for it), but it isn't included in the SP-Studio yet because it needs the tags to be useful. Otherwise I would just get complains about the bad search results. :weapon:

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