Proof of life...

  • Hi everybody, especially the old timers who may remember me (Janina, Eggy, BellaX, Jareen, Jetpack, Caribou, etc... ).

    Just peeking arround the web and checking that it is still working, and also changing the e-mail address (because the one I had associated is 'kaput' now). I'm glad to see some of you are still wandering arround here.

    Since I lost my job in 2017, my 'digital status' changed being converted into a more 'analogic citzen'. That means that I only connect to internet about once or twice a week and can't spent to much time navigating. I`m happy to see that the character designer still runs in my obsolete PC, so maybe I'll be able to get into the contest again.

    I can't find the gallery; I guess it has been suppressed. It's really a pitty because there I had so much of my creations well ordered (specially the ones refered to the contests).

    Well... I don't want to be too long, so I end this post here. Best wishes to all members and friends. I'll try to log in more frecuently. Hugs for the boys and kisses to the ladys. ;) :wave:

  • the gallery is no longer needed do to the fact that you can now post as many pics as you want in your own thread(s) here on the forum!

    you can check out my threads if you like, I'd be all to happy if you did Strider !:lol:^^:);)

    much admiration to you, <3:cheers:

    -Paul/Tony Maroj

  • Strider!! Long time no speak, I hope all is well!
    I lost my old account too but I just recently came back sometime last year.
    I don't think Caribou or Jetpack ever came back, but Janina Jareen and Eggy are the admin/mod team and they're excellent as always.
    Looking forward to seeing more from you soon!

  • Good to see you, Strider!

    Sorry to hear that you lost your job, but I hope things went better for you after this.

    I collect all the old contest winners in the Hall of Fame, so you can still check them out here:

    But unfortunately the old gallery was lost when I had to switch to a new forum software. Well... it's still there as a backup if you want to have a look, but there are errors.

  • Thank you very much!

    I'm glad to see you remember me... :)

    About the gallery's back-up, I've checked it and I presume I'll be able to recover the stuff I was missing in my archives. Thanks again. ;)

    (...) Sorry to hear that you lost your job, but I hope things went better for you after this. (...)

    Don't worry so much about it. My old job had to end one day or another; we were practically on broke and the perspectives of future were minimun. At least, they were able to pay the maximum indemnization possible. Since the I haven't worked so much, but when I have been hired, the pay has been much greater than in the old job. ;)

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