• The winners don't actually get anything. I think it used to be you could have an item request made, but I don't think that's done anymore. Also, the date for the contest winners being announced is usually more of a suggestion, as it's always a day or two late.

  • And here we go... :)

    Congratulations to the winners!


    30 points, 28 points, 21 points, 17 points and 11 points.

    It was again a pleasure to see your wonderful pictures!

    As David correctly told us already the winners get a share of that month's advertising revenue of SP-Studio, which for July is exactly 0 €. :]

    But of course Art Vandelay is right. In the past the winner got a free wish for a SP-Studio item, but it was very difficult to include these wishes in updates with different themes, so the winners had to wait several months until a mixed or fitting update came along. Then I had to work on the SP-Studio remake instead of regular updates. And often people won who already had won a couple of wishes, so it felt a bit strange. If you have any suggestions on a reward I am of course open for ideas.

    Perhaps next year I could allow every winner of a contest to choose one item for the annual Cristmas special? This way I have no pressure to include them in regular updates and everybody knows how long they have to wait.

    Right now the contests are just for fun and the prize is a place in the hall of fame gallery.

  • With many ideas for contests in the past I was not very happy. Often they were too special so not many people would attend. Especially when the ideas do not come from the forum members like you (I'd trust you because you know the contests of the past).

    Additionaly I have certain rules for the topics... For example I try to mix the more specific topics ("recreate character xy") with open interpretations (like "spring" or "what happened last year"). I also avoid to have two movie related topics next to each other.

    And everybody can already make suggestions in this thread:
    Contest ideas
    It is not used often, so I assume this is not a reward many are waiting for.

    If you'd really love to see a certain topic from the list in this thread - tell me about it and I will have a look at it next month. :)

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