Contest 03/2021: SPRING

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    What time is it? SPRINGTIME!

    Well, at least where I live. Create a SP-Studio picture about this beautiful season. This is a free topic, so it is up to you what you make of it. But please add a fitting title so I know how your picture is related to the topic. If I see no connection to springtime it will be disqualified.

    The rules are as always:

    1. CREATE a SP-Studio picture about the topic of the month
    2. UPLOAD your unedited picture until the 20th
    3. VOTING will start on the 21st on the contest page
    4. THE WINNERS will be announced at the start of next month

    Rules for pictures:

    You are only allowed to use the SP-Studio (the old one or the new one), so do not edit with additional software. No cutting, drawing or filters. You are allowed to resize your picture, but make sure it's at least 300x300 px big. The original size is best. Of course it must be your own creation. Please add a fitting title to show how it is related to the topic.

  • You can vote now! :)

    It's a new poll system I want to try. It looks promising so far, so let's see how it works out.

    Amazing pictures again! I was actually surprised about Dana's one because at first I did not know how it was done.

  • Art Vandelay I am a bit afraid that the topics might end up to be too specific or difficult if somebody is just choosing a topic which is a personal favorite. And I am always open for suggestions anyway. So I'd say: Write down your ideas for contets topics here or discuss about those already on the list - no matter if you are a winner or not. :)

    NoDanaOnlyZuul This is strange... Have you tried clicking on the link ("this link") on top of the embedded contest? Maybe it works in a single window.

  • Congratulations to the winners!


    Nice work everybody, you captured the essence of spring very well! :)

    And te new voting system seems to work better as the old one, so I will stick with it for now.

  • Congrats Everybody!


    Freude, schöner Götterfunken,
    Tochter aus Elysium!
    Wir betreten feuertrunken,
    Himmlische dein Heiligtum!
    Deine zauber binden wieder
    Was die Mode streng geteilt;
    Alle Menschen werden Brüder,
    Wo dein saftner Flügel weilt!