New SP-Studio loading times

  • The new SP-Studio has a consistent bug: slow loading.

    I’m sorry but the game often takes way too long to load or stops working, this is especially obvious whenever an update gets launched.

    I hope either Janina or Lars fix this issue because it’s not being fun to play SP-Studio with this constant slow loading.

    And I’m not the only one who found this bug, a guy on the South Park Archives wiki and a forum member experienced it as well.

  • I am always listening to criticism, but maybe it is a little harsh to say "because it’s not being fun to play SP-Studio with this constant slow loading."? The initial reason for the loading times in the beginning are to avoid constant loading issues and freezing while building your character. By loading everything in the beginning the experience should get smooth after this. So I am little bit confused now. Are you only experiencing long loading in the beginning when reloading the SP-Studio - or are you having constant loading problems while using the SP-Studio? Because this would be new.

    That said, I got reports about long loading times in the beginning when visiting the website for the first time and after an update. So this is a known iussue we hope to improve in the near future (Lars has to do this, because it involves complicated coding). It has a high priority. But so far this only seemed to be a problem for these certain moments. When you revisit the website the loading times usually go back to normal. Updates won't come as often after the old items are all included, so I think it's okay to have a longer loading time maybe once in two weeks. Is this really ruining the fun? I mean... it's not a regular website, it's more like a videogame that has to load a lot of assets.

    If you experience very long loading times in the beginning everytime you visit the website please test how many seconds it needs so I can compare it to what should be normal:

    • How long does the loading take exactly?
    • Do you see the loading animation in the upper left corner?
    • What's your download speed (you can easily check it here: )
    • Is it different on a desktop computer (seconds & download speed)?

    The internet connection is very important, so this is why I ask for the results of the speed test.

    (there were server issues around new year's eve, so the big freezing problems back then were a special issue)

  • By the way, these are the numbers for my own setup:

    • Windwos PC, Edge or Firefox browser: 2 seconds (8 seconds after update)
      internet download speed: 46,2 mbit/s
    • Galaxy A5 smartphone, Samsung browser: 14 seconds
      internet download speed: 28,9 mbit/s

    Perhaps everybody could post their own data so I can compare it?

  • DavidSchwarz I’m sorry, I didn’t meant to be demanding with my messages, i just wanted this site to improve, but i ended up being too pushy.

    Janina SP-Studio actually works very well on my iPhone, iPad and Windows laptop despite the constant loading, sorry for saying that it’s not fun to play SP-Studio anymore, i admit i was being a bit harsh.

  • It's okay, but you can still help to improve the loading times by providing more information about your problem. So if you have time can you please tell me how many seconds the SP-Studio needs to load on your different devices? And can you use the link I posted to check your internet (download) speed for each of them?

    DavidSchwarz thank you :)

  • Since I haven't received any information so far I changed the title of this topic from "bug" to "loading times". As long as I don't get any data that points in a different direction I assume that a slow internet connection might be the reason for the problems. Then it would not be an actual bug, since the SP-Studio is just big and the slower the connection the more annoying are the loading times in the beginning (if it is just the beginning...?). Lars will look for a way to load parts later, but for now I can just recommend for mobile devices to launch the website while you have a good connection. You could then keep it open in the background while your connection gets slower.

    You can still help by providing information about loading times and download speed.

  • Good news! Lars is testing changes on the the loading behaviour. Now the thumbnails don't load in the beginning, but when you actually enter a category. This should lead to faster loading in the beginning. But you will have short loading times every time you enter a category instead.

    I am not sure yet if this is a more comfortable way to do it. So please test it and tell me about your opinion:

  • Great. :) And here is an even improved version:

    Lars worked hard on this today and this newest approach looks best on our devices. It has good loading times in the beginning, and the thumbnails of the categories load better than in the version I posted earlier today.
    The trick is that the different parts of the page load in single steps now. While the rest is still loading you already see the SP-Studio logo and stage. Please ignore the "jumping" footer - this will be fixed.

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