The development of the SP-Studio remake in 2020

  • Please take the time to vote here:

    Since I won't be able to include all of the old items for launch day I wonder which categories I should prioritize during this last week of work. So let me know what's most important to you.You have multiple votes. Everything that won't make it for launch day will be inlcuded shortly after in January.

  • A follow up question: Is it better to have full and empty categories ot to have some items in every category?

    My initial plan was to only include full categories, because then you know what's missing.

    But it might be better to at least have some items in every category...

  • You are right, I don't worry about the forum. But there will be people who complain for sure, because it's the internet - and there will be those who don't read my announcements. I mean... this does not come as a surprise because even when I first announced my collaboration with Lars I made clear that not everything could be finished for the launch. I always wrote about how little time we had and that we could only try our best. But some people will just ignore this, I'm sure.

    Well, but there's nothing I can do about it if some assholes decide to be assholes, so let's focus on the positive things. :) ONE WEEK!


  • It looks goos so far for these.

    But I found a huge bug,,, All objects you hold in your hands (food, ...) become blurry when you export the png. I am glad I noticed it now, but I already prepared many objects and now all this was for nothing, because I have to do it again. Days of work for nothing, it's really frustrating. :wall:

    The cause of this was a new masked layer system I used for the hole in the hand. It looked fine in the betatest, but I guess none of as thought about checking the png files as well. I did not know bugs like this were even possible.

  • I have a work-around, but unfortunately I have to redo all the objects. This steals me time I'd need for other items.

    But I made big progress with the hats today. :) I decided to not add shadings to the most famous South Park hats (Wendy, Stan, Kyle, Chef). This way South Park fans can use them in the way they like them and I will add the shadows later on when the "off" button is included.

  • The results of the vote say that the most popular categories are hats, tools & weapons, dresses and special shirts.

    Today I finished nearly 100 hats and tomorrow I will continue with the regular long sleeve shirts (including jackets). They were not in the vote because I think they are a must-have. After this I will prefer the dresses over the special shirts because the special shirts are... well. really special. You don't need a spider-man suit unless you want ot build spider-man, so I think some dresses are more important for more personal and creative pictures.

    I am a bit surpised about the "tools & weapons" category. I thought the "everything else" category would get more love because of the laptop, smartphone, book and paintbrush. But I guess the poll was worth it if I though wrong. Well... of course this was only a small amount of people. But I have to rely on something. ;)

  • Because of a fixed bug the size of the exported png pictures will be increased to 1156x1156 px. I initially went for 900x900 so you won't notice my little drawing errors - but I guess nobody will complain about a bigger image size. ^^ So, congratulations, this one bug actually lead to some good results for the visitors.

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