My thoughts on Gimp

  • Regarding one point:


    i definitely couldn't make vector art properly(I have Inkscape and i often make Vector art just fine.),

    You are comparing two different types of software here. There is software for vector art (like Inkscape, Flash or Illustrator) and software for pixel art (like paint, Photoshop or Gimp). While today most of them can deal with the opposite a little bit they all have their special focus. Usually doing the opposite with them is no fun at all, because they are bad at it.

    So if you plan to draw and work with vector images I highly recommend one of the programms which were made for this. But if you want to edit pixel files (like photos) and use typical methods for this a picture editing software like Photoshop or Gimp is the better choice. That's why designers usually have installed both - one tool for vector art and one for pixel art.

  • I understand your frustrations with GIMP. If your not familiar with it and just expect something quick and easy like paint you will be disappointed. Gimp can work perfectly fine but you to watch first some tutorials to get familiar with it. Just like with photoshop. There are so many options and stuff that for people new into it can get really messy and confusing.

    And like Janina already said. You can't use GIMP for vector art and expect crisp lines like in vector bases softwares.

    Although I would really not advise Paint for making art. If you never rescale then it is fine. But when you start to rescale stuff then it will get messy in Paint. But just google. There are enough free alternatives for GIMP/Paint, just take a look what suits you best. And remember. Good art takes time.

    Good luck :D

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