• Another trend I totally missed. Are that characters from a cartoon series?

    Well funko itself is not a cartoon series. It is just a bunch of figures of a lot of franchises.
    But they do have figures that come from tv shows like Star Trek, Walking Dead, South Park and so on

  • That's a indeed a lot of Funkos!

    I used to collect South Park merchandising, but since I am no fan of the new seasons anymore it is not growing much lately. But I still keep it on display because it's such an important part of my life and the South Park items remind me of a lot of pleasant memories. Here is a current picture of my South Park collection, but the plushies and bigger items (like a South Park monopoly or huge Kenny figurines) are missing. Here's an old list, but I guess it's about 320 items today.


    In more recent years I collect the Lego modular buildings. I don't buy them every year when a new one is released, but I pick my favorites. Unfortunately I had to remove two of them from display because we don't have enough space, but here are some of them next to our dedicated board game table:


  • And I see you also got a Mysterion Funko :D just like me