The "Make a wish" list for new items

  • This topic is for all your requests regarding new SP-Studio items.

    New food, new hats, new shirts, new hairstyles... I want to collect them in one place since the old "wish voting gallery" is gone (but I still have backups of everything). Write about your wish and link to a picture.
    If you want to talk about new features or bigger improvements please open an extra topic instead.

  • I request some looney tunes characters i.e. bugs bunny taz Yosemite sam etc I think sam would be quite easy but one of the harder ones if you did it would be road runner although it would probably be one drawing in stuff or something

  • Typical cartoon gloves like the ones Bugs Bunny is wearing would indeed be a nice addition. They were requested before.

    With the other characters it depends. I think Road runners thin body shape is so characteristic it won't look good in the SP-Studio style. But Yosemite Sam might work. Bugs Bunny ears in a realistic size won't fit, but I can bend them to make it work.

  • This is too specific for a costume (I don't even know her). But there already are fitting parts like a squirrel tail and a flower, so you can build a similar character. :)