When 3lvis Picks Up a Pencil...

  • I already thought of make a "drawing tips" topic were everybody can share how you draw and puplish tips.

    I started writing but then there was an error and I dont wanted to do it again...
    should we have this, now?

  • probobaly not, then everyone would copy your style ;) I use bits of every style, cartoon, abstract, realistic.

    I'd like to see some more of your work on paint, Viral! :awesome:

    Also, I'm making a humorous spray paint picture on GIMP (editing software, free BTW) and I don't know who to put in it, just name someone with a funny face and I'll put him in. But i'm not gonna tell you what's gonna happen in it, so it'll be a surprise.
    (I could put anyone from The Community on it as well).

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's just that yours is stupid.

  • Haha. Make it

    And here a drawing-tip: for pencil drawings its not so important but for coloured: use good crayons! the results are way better and it makes a lot more fun!

  • That's true. Years ago I bought a big set of Faber-Castell Polychromos and this was the best thing I could do! I still use them today for every colored picture. Cheap pencils can look okay, but cheap crayons often aren't intensive enough and this can be very frustrating.

    Regarding the picture: I would like to see something a bit more elaborated. It looks okay for a scribble, but like you did not put much time in it ;). So it's difficult to say something about it.
    But one tip regarding the South Park characters: The head looks fine, but the legs are too long. When you draw them more often you will notice things like that, nobody gets it right drom the beginning because they look so odd compared to most other cartoon characters. Keep it up! :)

  • This may not be a drawing, but i figured I could just put everything here.

    Here's something I put together in GIMP in 5 minutes when I was bored:

    [Blocked Image: http://i42.tinypic.com/2yo6gdw.png]

    Please tell me what you think, I have just started to make pictures in GIMP again! :)

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's just that yours is stupid.

  • Thanks' I haven't really been making much stuff recently, I might start again. :)

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's just that yours is stupid.

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