Contest ideas

  • How about Horror Movies? Considering it's Halloween month that could be a nice fitting topic. :]

  • How about a "Best scene of South Park" Contest? I mean, hey this all here is a South Park fan project. :D

  • the Religion contest was a half year ago, and no there wasn't one about inventions. But I think thats a good Idea!

    And how about contests about actors/actress? Separate of course like with the musicians.

  • I think movie contests and actors are very similar. So I would prefer to stick with different movie genres instead - if you want to build a certain actor you will find a fitting movie for sure :).

    Regarding the South Park topics... meh... sorry, but I tried to avoid them because it's not very creative to use South Park characters here. Most parts for them already exist. You could create an interesting scene, but I bet most pictures would be boring.
    And another reason is I avoid using South Park too prominently since the official website copied the SP-Studio and made their own version. Of course I still like the show and it's clearly the inspiration for, but I want to lead the updates and contests in a different direction.

  • Quote from zachrayblue

    I just thought of another idea for a contest. Characters from Tim Burton movies. :idea::pc::artist::]

    That's a bit narrow, we'd get lots of repeats of the same character. And none of them would be better than Lefiou's Edward Scissorhands anyway.


  • um, sorry, that would be to easy.
    Most people around here need a challenge. Just creating a character isn't so much fun like combining the Items in a different way!

  • we already had the what happened in the Year... contests. So, maybe a "what happened between 2000 and 2010 contest?"
    But In fact I would really like a contest about the world wide web.

  • we already hat the "cartoon heros of your childhood" contest. And if you want to do a director, wait for an fitting movie contest.

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