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    Interesting way of Thinking: More Weapons = Less Shootings
    That reactions are so obvious. Weapon fanatism in parts of the USA is often a cause for that shootings.
    About Twenty people, most not older than 7 get killed with legal weapons and they call for more of them. Very sad :(

    Granted! But the new season is so good, realistic and horrible that you get scared and paranoid. You never want to watch any series and movies containing zombies or voilence. Only My little Pony..... all the Time

    I wish for a glass of cold pure water.

    Jetpack-guy : Granted, but as you drove with it, the battery started burning, the tank exploded and you died.
    Till : Granted, but you got a reserve math teacher writing an exam by order of the ill taecher.

    I wish for DVD´s of all 15 available southpark seasons, including episodes 200 & 201 full uncensored. :D

    I think Raising the Bar was the best episode in this Season so far. After that my favourites in the season are Butterballs and Cartman finds Love. Sarcastaball was good too, but sometimes a bit boring.

    If i plan to draw a bigger scene, i draw first a square with pencil for each figur, object. So you can draw each person alone. after that i finish the background and the colour. maybe it helps you :)
    my first pictures were such yours too. but i don´t find them anymore.

    Very nice! :clap:
    The picture of yourself got very good, in the shape and the drawing style. i like the way you drawed the sunglasses.
    The jesus picture´s great, i like every episode with jesus and his weapons :D
    In the kyle picture the faces of both are awesome drawn. And you handelt it clever with the legs.
    The evil fish and your old avatar i already know, i like the horrible face in the old avatar.
    Go on with it :thumbup:

    PS: Don´t care about drawing on computer, i´m actually not better :) my ava´s i colorize with an handy app.
    A tipp: scan the pictures and then draw on them, it´s more simple than draw free hand on computer.

    Thanks, it was most difficult to draw :) I searched some old Fanart.
    First two not drawn fanarts:
    Snow figures of Stan and Kyle (from last christmas)

    A Stan out of Stones with a nice background:

    Some of the oldest pictures:

    Simple version of the Poster from the sp-movie:

    A comic for chemestry:

    A Sp-version of a star wars poster:

    Poster for a sp-episode (in german)

    that was it, for the first :D
    looking forward to see tills new pictures

    Thanks a lot! The next days i search some older pics, don´t know were they are :D
    I´ve written a small tutorial how to draw a sp-avatar. if you want i can send it as e-mail. But by the way, i see you draw very cool fanarts too. :)

    Hello Sp-studio Community,
    I´m Julian an german student. I life in a small town in Bavaria. I´m 15 years old and in the tenth grade.
    My hobbies are painting, hiking in the mountains, diving and hobby archeology. My interests are Politics an Biology.
    I´m a big fan of southpark and the simpsons. My favourite movies are those that directed by Stanley Kubrik, Star Trek, Star Wars, Alien and many others. At last two pictures of me doing my favourite hobbies: