Contest 09/2013: TIME TRAVEL

  • The last contest was limited to recreating an existing movie poster, so let's have some fun now with a free topic :). You can submit whatever you can think of connected to TIME TRAVEL.

    Examples: Movies or books about time travel (Back to the Future, Looper, Doctor Who,...), made up scenes that might happen if you travel through time, historical events (maybe changed by a time traveler?), time machines,...


    If you are new: Register a nickname by clicking on the REGISTER button in the menu on top of this page.
    Then you can upload your picture to the contest gallery.
    The pictures will all show up on September16, before this they are hidden. Then everybody can vote.


    • The picture must be created at and submitted here till September 15th, 11:59 PM (GMT+1).
    • No editing with additional software! No effects, color change, zooming. Just SP-Studio pictures.
      You are allowed to rotate the picture.
    • Add a fitting English title & description (optional). You can add reference links. No text like "VOTE!!!".
    • If you upload more than one picture for a contest the newest counts and the others are deleted.
    • When the voting starts registered users can rate the pictures (1-5 stars) until September 30.
    • Vote fair! Do not manipulate results by telling friends to give you 5 stars and others 1 star. I will ban you for this.


    1st place: Make a wish for a new SP-Studio item and I will draw and include it.
    1st to 5th place: You win your own User Gallery. If you already have one you can upload 30 more files to it now.
    Janina's Choice: I might pick one additional person, if I think he/she deserves a user gallery. The score doesn't matter.

    Good luck!

  • :teacher: It is "Doctor Who" not "Dr. Who", Janina. I guess like most Germans you know the mad man with the box only from hearsay, but it is not an actual doctor's degree, but his name:
    "Hello, I'm the Doctor" - "Doctor who?" - "Yes, quite right!"

    Unfortunately I can't upload one of my already existing Doctor-Who-images, because they are edited somehow, like this one:
    [Blocked Image:]

  • Oops, sorry... it's fixed now :).
    I have to admit I have only watched 2 episodes so far. It's actually becoming really popular with mny friends since the relaunch, but it seems to be difficult to get the old seasons in Germany. I was very surprised when I found it's such a long running show.

    Your picture is excellent! :thumbup:

  • Quote from Janina

    Your picture is excellent! :thumbup:

    Thanks! I make one everyday until the anniversary :party: right now - 100 Doctor-Who-characters in 100 days as a countdown:…28.100000938744877&type=1

    Yeah, getting the old episodes is really difficult. I only watched a view yet, too. To get started this book can be really helpful, because it gives a really good overview about the most important characters:…ho+character+encyclopedia If they bring back older characters and races in the new series you will know enough about them and don't get confused too easy. So you can definitley start with the new series without knowing the old one.

    Quote from Janina

    Oops, sorry... it's fixed now :).

    I've already seen Whovians making this mistake, before they were EX-TER-MI-NAT-ED by the rest of the fandom ;)

  • What happens for fifth place this time? It's a dead tie between marky and Davide.

  • Sorry for not being around in time...


    1) Eggyslav
    2) Ildorf
    3) Jareen2
    4) Jetpack-guy
    5) marky & Davide


    [album]5146[/album] [album]5153[/album] [album]5141[/album]

    [album]5147[/album] [album]5157[/album]


    Eggyslav: A well deserved 1st place! By the way: If you want to wish for a background I could include it in the next update.

  • I guess I have to think about my wish..... Janina, If that won't be much of a trouble, I would like you to draw a Samurai Armor (At least give it another try....) If not, I wish for a bald topknot hairstyle, a'la Barbarian from Diablo II....

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