Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds: An Sp-Studio Story.

  • No one would have believed that in the last years of the 19th century. that human affairs where being watched from the timeless worlds of space. No one could have dreamed we were being scrutinized as someone with a microscope studies creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. Few man even considered the possibility of life on other planets and yet across the gulf of space minds immeasurably superior to ours regarded this Earth with envious eyes and slowly and surely they drew there plans against us.

    I am a journalist, and this is my story of how the earth was enslaved.

    [Blocked Image:]

    the story begins, as a day like no other was suddenly interrupted by unwanted gift for the planet Mars:

    [Blocked Image:]

    a cylinder crash into a field near my home, too hot to touch, me and other members of the press were seeing what this was, when the top started to unscrew, then a foul-looking creature grappled out the top;

    [Blocked Image:]

    it then retreated back into the cylinder, as a machine climbed out, looking like a giant syringe, the device glowed red as people started running away, a man grabbed a shotgun but was disintegrated, by this ... heat ray:

    [Blocked Image:]

    as the heat ray fired on, i saw a soldier about to be hit, i tackled him to the ground so he wasn't hit;

    [Blocked Image:]

    the artilleryman and i ran into a nearby house, he told me cylinders have appeared all over Europe and i asked him what to do, told me to find my loved ones and head on a boat to the Americas. i immanently thought of my fiancée, Carrie, who was visiting her father in london, so i ran for the door the minute the heat ray dissipated, i started to walk to london which wasn't far from my home. 2 days into my journey, i come across a giant martian machine;

    [Blocked Image:]

    this tripod, 3 stories high, it shot a beam of heat at me, i only narrowly escape the blast, i bolted out of its sights before i was obliterated.
    as i got to london, i first went to Carrie's father's house, only to see the house was empty and ransacked. I travelled by horse-cart to the docks, where the last steamer was about to leave, i saw Carrie as the boat leaved, but I knew she was safe, but that changed when a tripod rose from the water, i thought she was a goner, but then an iron-clad battleship, the thunder child, came from the shadows a shot missiles towards the tripod's legs, the ship's commander, was taking his toll to destroy the alien, as a voice for humanity;

    [Blocked Image:]

    the tripod was left on 2 legs as it fired one last fatal blow to the thunder child, both ships, battled scars sank into the water, but the steamer, and Carrie, were safe.

    i figured i should walk back to my home, so as i left london i came across, a parish, with a parson lying dead on a pavement, i figured i should bury him, but as i went to pick him, his eyes opened, the parson was alive!
    he woke up proclaiming that the devil was responsible for the earth's destruction;

    [Blocked Image:]

    nathanial! screamed his wife as she ran to his aid, he smacked her in the head with his cross, saying she was one of them, she arose, telling me he was being delusional;

    [Blocked Image:]

    suddenly a tripod came out of no where and shot a beam of energy, destroying the parish. just as we were running away Beth, the parson's wife tripped, and the falling debris crushed her.
    he screamed out her name, asking why the devil took one of his own, i carried him into a nearby cottage, he was still screaming, as a robotic tentacle grabbing him by his head as his body went limp and he was carried into the tripod.
    i ran out and was on my way back when i saw a starting image in the darkness, it was the artilleryman! i was sure he perished! we said talked while walking back, and as we saw a small village that was over run with tripods, we sneaked into a cottage and he blasted the basement door down with his gun we lit some candles, and he broke open some cases of champagne and we played cards, we actually played games in the demise of humanity, we stayed inside for 3 weeks living on wine and bread, he told me of his plan to re-establish humanity underground and taking the martian technology as our own and fighting back, it would sounded silly if i wasn't so smashed.
    3 weeks later the firing stopped i walked outside and saw a tripod, i thought time was over so i wanted to end it all, so i landed in-front waiting for the end. But it never ended, i climbed into the cockpit and saw the decomposing bodies of the martians, inside. Bacteria was our allies in this case, it was ironic that the dominant species were dying as the tiniest foes ended the war of the worlds, but time got better, Carrie returned, but her father passed, and the artilleryman we enrolled in a string of alcoholism, we hoped after many decade humanity would become as it once was but i never saw it, i defeated the martian battle but they could still win the war, we now know there is life on other planets, so maybe there is a stronger more wise race to destroy humanity.

  • Puny Humans shall *cough* bow before their *Cough* Martian *Cough* Masters *cough*

    *Cough* Damn you Bacteria! *Cough* Curse these micro organisms! *Coughwheezecough* :sick:

    Anyway, that was really cool JPG, can't wait for the League....... :thumbup:

  • It will probably be up next month
    This would have been online sooner, but i needed to redo you picture (haircut)

  • Quote from Strider

    I love that album! A classic! :thumbup:
    A friend of mine had it (vinyl, double LP, of course) and I can say I have listen to it (a lot of times) in the early 80's :]

    The booklet that comes with the LP is astonishing.

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