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    I've recently been getting into a lot of The White Stripes, Radiohead, and some pretty rad folk music, which is neato. What's everyone else listening to right now?

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    In fact, Rodriguez is playing the next city over from me next month. It's gonna be pricey between the ticket price and the travel, but there's a good chance it's the last time he'll play the UK so I might have to look into selling a kidney...

    I know that feel man, Neutral Milk Hotel are playing the Barrowlands (my favourite venue) in May, and I couldn't get tickets in time. I'm almost at the stage of willing to shell out £40 for a ticket, since it's likely the only opportunity I'll have to see them live.

    Kay, not including all the local gigs I've been to (my dad provides the P.A. for most of the bands from here to Glasgow as well as being a member of three other bands, two of which feature my mum too), I've seen
    KT Tunstall (Four times)
    Metallica (VIP)
    The Sword and Machine Head (Support for Metallica)
    Colin Hay (Twice)
    Tom Milsom (Summer in the City Warm-Up Gig)
    BlueSkies (Summer in the City Warm-Up Gig)
    Eddplant (Summer in the City Warm-Up Gig)
    Chameleon Circuit (Summer in the City Warm-Up Gig)
    Emma Blackery (Summer in the City Warm-Up Gig)
    Jiezuberband (Twice, three times if you count when I supported the lead vocalist at a showcase)

    I tried to snag tickets to Neutral Milk Hotel's Glasgow show a couple weeks ago but they sold out really quickly. I'm pretty fucking devastated about that.

    On the bright side, I'll be seeing The Wonder Years next month and Frank Turner in February. So woot!

    I'm going to enter a living celebrity into this contest, get disqualified, and lead a protest against the site once they eventually have died.

    Also, just a question, can I use this as an excuse to murder Bono? Before the deadline, of course.

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    you really did a great job making adeplama as Ivan, but it is kinda weird to see bella as Red Rackham because -spoiler alert-

    I would have made her Bianca Castafiore (that fat female opera singer for the people who doesn't know who she is)

    What makes you think ADePALMA and Bella aren't the same person? :whistle:

    (psst, where's Meddle on that list?)

    But seriously, welcome to the site! Like Eggyslav said, feel free to ask any of the mods for help with anything :D

    I don't want them to fight at all. I fucking hate it when Superheroes get into fisticuffs with eachother.

    I haven't seen "One Flew Over..." yet, but I've been meaning to watch it for ages. So many films I've been putting off watching, I have no idea where to start.

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    new MGMT? didn't know so far, i'll check it out :)
    (God, I LOVE Spotify!)

    Their new self-titled album comes out in September, I believe.

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    I like the Random Access Memories a lot, but lots of people are disappointed with it. I think it might be because all the songs aren't really chart toppers. That was what Get Lucky was mostly for.

    I love it. Contains some of the best stuff they've ever done. "Touch" is probably the best track Daft Punk have ever made, and Christ, "Give Life Back to Music", "Lose Yourself to Dance", "Doin' it Right" and, of course, "Get Lucky" are some of the catchiest songs I've ever heard.

    Christ, this year's been pretty good in terms of music.

    New Bowie
    New Daft Punk
    New MGMT
    New Frank Turner
    New KT Tunstall
    New Tom Milsom
    Neutral Milk Hotel reunion tour

    I'm sure I'm missing a bunch, but god damn.

    Also this is my song of the year, I've listened to it nearly every day since it came out:
    Tom Milsom - Pipes

    Lack of Rocksteady and Dini has me slightly worried, but I'm excited nonetheless.

    Am I the only one who doesn't want Joker to show up? I'm pissed he stole the spotlight from Hugo Strange in AC.

    Oh, and the article mentions 8 assassins out to get Batman. Any ideas who they are?

    I've yet to see Django Unchained, but I don't understand the complaints of the use of "nigger" (especially since I've never heard a black person complain about its usage), it just reminds me of Blazing Saddles, it fits the timeframe and wouldn't feel authentic if it were left out.