The Introduction Game, the second

  • I'd say Immortality/super regeneration. Sure, your body and organism never deteriorates, and instantly regenerates, but while you live on, you watch your loved ones grow old and die. Plus, if you already lived for a couple of hundred years on earth, you witnessed enough wars, epidemies and natural disasters to give you a monstrous PTSD, with which you need to live forever. Just look at our boy Logan here. Is he immortal? Practically, yes. Is he happy about it? Absolutely not.

    Do you like your peanut butter smooth, or crunchy?

  • Smooth. Crunchy peanut butter is just unfinished peanut butter.

    What do you do when you are procrastinating? (I know, I have a report to write...)

  • Actually I tend to do things for procrastinating which are kind of useful, like suddenly tidying parts of my room I haven't touched in months. Or I start some kind of stupid new project like designing a Pokémon Go Raid Boos chart with Photoshop... or an Excel table for my board games... My motivation to start with new things is at top when I have more important other things to do. ;)
    And surfing on the internet of course, but I guess I do this all the time anyway, so it doesn't count.

    If you could enhance only one part of your body with superpowers of your choice, which one would you choose?

  • This year I finally had the Double Down. It was delicious.

    Do you go sock-shoe, sock-shoe or sock-sock, shoe-shoe?

  • Sock-Sock, Shoe-shoe. Except when I stay in home, I rarely wear socks, and I don't ear shoes, except for my crocs.

    Speaking of which, Crocs, comfy footwear, or shoecobbler's nightmarish abomination?

    I wear them as if they were slippers, in the privacy of my house, but going outside, I put on my normal shoes.

  • I think crocs are really ugly... Perhaps they'd be useful at a pool, but I don't own any.
    At home I only wear socks. And when I go outside I wear sneakers.

    Shower in the morning or in the evening?

  • Shower in the middle of the day. Warm, sun shining in the window :thumbup:

    Best non-zombie apocalypse?

  • The Grand daddy of them all, St. John's Apocalypse, with Satan as a freaking seven headed Dragon, Angels destroying the Earth, The Horsemen, The Locust, the Battle of Armageddon, The Babylonian Prostitute and the Beast, and all that crazy esotheric stuff John saw on that small greek island of Patmos...

    You have been stranded in an unkown, uncivilized territory, with some tools and food. What is your first move?

  • My first move would be to hide my food from animals and to climb the highest spot I can find. Then I'd look for signs of civilization and fresh water. Even if I have some food I guess water is the key to survival. If there isn't any to be seen I'd build something out of wood and leaf to take my supplies with me and start walking into one direction until I find water. But of course I'd leave a sign in case somebody searches for me.
    As a child my favorite book was Jules Verne's "The Mysterious Island". I should read it again for some survival tips. :)

    What's your favorite dinosaur?

  • Night Owl. It's currently 23:12 and I'm feeling great.

    Have you ever walked out of a movie?

  • A Scanner Darkly and Batman Forever.
    The visual style of A Scanner Darkly made me motion sick. And in case of Batman Forever the sound was way too loud for the small cinema. It was one of my first action movies and it felt like torture to me.
    I never walk out just because a movie is bad, because I have payed for the ticket and want to know all about it when I complain about the movie later. ;)

    Where do you prefer to sit in the cinema?

  • I prefer to sit at home :v

    in all honesty, I'm not much of a cinema person, but when I DO go to the movies, I usually sit in the back. it lets you see more of the screen!

    question: what would you do if you were trapped in an inescapable room with your worst enemy for a day, and you couldn't harm them at all? (at the very least, they can't harm you either)

    *while wearing several layers*'s colder than an icebox in here...

  • I'd go with the Classical antiquity (rome and greece, but also egypt).

    I am very interested in the medieval times as well, but it's even more fascinating to think about the cultural heights mankind had reached so many years before. Of course things were far from perfect with brutal wars, slavery and strange religious rites. But there is still so much to discover from this period of time and I enjoy reading about it or watching movies about it (as long as they at least try to get it right).

    What's your least favorite Historical Period?

    (for me it's anything after 1900, because our history teachter at school repeated it all the time)

  • I Agree with Janina, but also the Migration Period after the fall of the Roman Empire, It's such a chaotic Period, and it's such a migrene inducing piece of history to learn about, so many peoples and tribes, constantly moving to and fro, countries and kingdoms emerging and falling apart, it's insane!

    Anyways, Since the Last Jedi is coming soon, who do you think are Rey's Parents?

  • A theory I heard is that her parents are long dead and she is the reincarnation of Anakin Skywalker. Parallel with Kylo Ren's Vader obsession?

    With The Punisher out this week, best on-screen killshot?

  • "Shoot 'em up" has my favorite gun fights in it - and the final scene shows a very creative on-screen killshot. So this it is.

    Which way do you watch most of the movies you watch?

    (DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, cinema,...)

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