The Official "Rate the TV Show/Movie Above You"

  • I only watched the pilot, and it was a little flat for my taste... compared to this I really loved the world of the FABLES comics in "The wolf among us". It's darker and seems to be more creative. But maybe I should watch more episodes, so this is just my rating for the pilot:


    The Goonies?

  • I used to like The Goonies when I was little...but after seeing it again recently, I was not to fond of it.
    Poor dialogue, dragged out plot...I don't know, I find it pretty boring.
    It's not terrible, but not that great.


    Six Feet Under?

  • I'm assuming no one here's seen Six Feet Under, so I'll just move on...

    District 9?

  • Apart from the "Ooga-Booga-We-Are-Stereotypical-African-Savages"-nature of the Nigerians portrayed in the film, and the big action ending kinda spoiling the pseudo-documentary atmosphere of the rest of it, I thought District 9 was one of the cleverest, most entertaining and well-acted hype-machine blockbusters I've seen in a very long time. Even more impressive since it was Neill Blomkamp's directing debut, and he reportedly made it for very little money, which is kinda breathtaking when you consider the visual effects make most of Hollywood's big-name output look very shabby in comparison. I'd give it 8/10 - an excellent film with a few flaws just big enough to stop it being a classic.

    Pixar's Brave?

  • I really liked it. The story wasn't that original, but it was captivating, had some really fun and scary moments, and had absolutely amazing visuals. I remember seeing Brave, Monsters University and then rewatching Monsters Inc. not to far apart, and I was extremely impressed of how good the animation has gotten since then.

    Overall it was a really fun and entertaining movie. 7/10.

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?

  • An amazing film. One of my favourites of all time and definitely one you should see before you die. The plot is brilliant and insanely original. The cast is very talented (I don't really like Jim Carrey but his performance in the film was great and Kate Winslet was brilliant). The directing is suberb and the is almost flawless.


    The World's End?

  • Quote from Dogzilla

    I don't really like Jim Carrey but his performance in the film was great

    Jim Carrey is a tremendously gifted actor. For some reason, though, he decided for a great many years to make his living primarily by opening his mouth really really wide and screeching non-stop in a variety of shrill voices.

  • I'm guessing no one here has seen it. Since this thread often gets dead for a while if someone mentions a film that not many here have seen, I've added a new rule: If no one responds to a movie after 7 days, we just move on.

    22 Jump Street?

  • Pretty good, considering comedy sequels in general...
    Channing Tatum came into his own, the meta humor was excellent and the epilogue was hilarious.

    The Flash (2014-15)?

  • 8/10, far better than what I originally anticipated to be honest...

    Drag Me To Hell?

  • This was a nice surprise. Very entertaining, it reminded me of fun Hollywood movies from the 80s. Not the scariest horror movie around, but fast-paced, with graphic scenes and the right amount of humour.


    The Lego Movie?

  • I love that movie, one of the best movies of last year, the concept could have been just a cash grab but it captured the spirit of Lego and everyone I know loves the characters.



  • 8.5/10. One of my favourite movies of 2014, only behind Boyhood, Guardians of the Galaxy and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The film has such an incredible atmosphere. I last saw it a few months ago so I don't remember an awful lot but damn, it had some really emotional scenes like

    It's my second favourite Chris Nolan film, behind The Dark Knight...



  • Again 8.5/10. I enjoy time travel stories a lot, and this one worked from the beginning to the end. The story was way more clever than I expected from a action movie.
    Now please rate one of my personal favorites:

    Lucky # Slevin?

  • I thought it was great, specifically the fast-paced, clever, funny dialogue. Ben Kingsley and Morgan Freeman are great in the film at playing dangerous, scary, do-not-mess-with gang bosses and Bruce Willis is, well, great at what Bruce Willis does. ;)
    It's a very interesting film.



  • I saw Amadeus the first time just a couple of months ago and it's one of the most well done movies I've ever see. I literally don't have a bad thing to say about it, other than it's historical inaccuracies. The acting was amazing and the story was enthralling, I'll give it 9.4/10...

    Kingsman: The Secret Service?

  • Ah, well. Well I thought it was pretty awesome. The action scenes were amazing and the film was a great throwback/spin on the spy genre...

    How bout 28 Days Later?

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