I've got some questions

  • Hello!

    I love the work you are doing on this website. It's great. I have some questions though

    Do you have any plans for new items or updates in the future?


    • Official Post

    I am happy you like the SP-Studio! :)

    This new hair update Jareen wrote about will be online this week around Thursday.

    Usually I try to have an update with new items every month, but sometimes my daily work gets in the way. Last month there were super hero costumes and for March it will be hair. You can see all past update sin the blog.

    Unfortunately I usually cannot tell an exact date before, but if you don't want to miss a new update you can follow the SP-Studio on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, join Jareen's Discord server or allow notifications from this message board.

    You can discuss and upload ideas for new items in the wish voting gallery. But I also ask my Patreon supporters what they want to see next. And sometimes I just want to draw something and do this update next.

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