• i know there's a "wishes" part of the site but i think there should be a section in the character creator where there are other people's fanmade items (they have to be approved by moderators first)

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    Oh, you mean items drawn by others? I am afraid this would be too complicated to include.

    It needs to be a vector drawing, and most visitors won't be able to provide the files I need. I use a specific template in an old version of Adobe Animate to make sure everything is exactly in the same spot, but not many people own this software. If an item is just 1 pixel off, it messes up everything, so I cannot import any drawing.

    It takes not only time to draw the items, but afterwards they must be edited in Animate and code must be added manually so they can have custom colors and can be moved or rotated. To be honest - that never was the fun part for me. :D I like to draw the items, not just to edit and include them. I would feel like a machine then, skipping the fun part.

    Another point is that I have been drawing everything for the SP-Studio for 20 years and it feels like my little baby. It was already very hard for me to ask Lars for help with the coding, because I would prefer to still do everything myself. But drawing... that's the most important part for me, and very personal. I am sure others could draw great looking items - but they would not be mine. I hope you understand this. The most important reason I still work on the SP-Studio after so many years is for drawing all the new items.

    So...sorry, but this will not happen for many reasons.

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    I like this idea. It would be easy to share background pictures that everybody could combine with their SP-Studio characters. When it comes to things like hair, clothes or objects they could be saved as 800x800 pixel big png files with transparency, so the items are at the perfect spot when you combine them with a SP-Studio picture. Copy & Paste would be enough then to use these custom items.

    But I guess the amount of people willing to draw and preper image files for new items is not that big. And I am already so busy with the contests and wish voting gallery that I won't start another gallery on the website soon. If the forum was better visited we could try to start a topic to collect image files like these.

  • Yes, backgrounds would be the easiest, because they dont have to interact with the characters in some way. Or maybe additional animals.

    But the TikTok hype doesn't seem to lead to overwhelmingly high numbers of new members here on the Forum, so far.

  • SO DO I!!!!

    I tend to over think my pics (drawings (both traditional and digital), AND... My Sp-studio pics especially!!!)

    I tend to over think the detail aspect of them, for example: my ' Madonna - "Material Girl" music video ' picture!!!

    You've seen how much DETAIL I put into THAT pic...!

    You know the old saying: "Less is more!"

    Sometimes I think I need to remember that and only put the most essential details into my pics unless I otherwise need to spice it up some!!!

    Sei la vie!!!

    (French for "That's life!!!")

  • Merci beaucoup ! Au fait, cette connection francaise n'est past complettement faute. En recherchant pour la construction du toit, j'ai trouvé qu'il y'a des maisons similaires en Bretagne et en Normandie.

    But my French is also quite flawed and I don't think Paul/Tony Maroj meant to apply for translating the forum into French. But on other forums I already saw threads where people converse in different languages. Maybe one could establish something similar here. This is a suggestion thread, after all.

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