South Park: The Stick of Truth

  • I think it is a must have title!

    The old Acclaim games from about 10 years ago were kinda crappy so I am glad they are finally making a big South Park game again. This show deserves a good game! And I think it looks very promising :). The developer has made some great games in the past, the graphics look amazing (just like the show) and Trey and Matt were involved a lot in this project. I think that's the most important part about it... it is their own story with their typical sense of humour. They love video games and so I am sure they have put a lot of work into this. Who knows if they get a chance like this again?

    And the E3 presentation was REALLY funny :D

  • I think this will be great, and If youre a south park fan its a must have! Im just sad it doesnt comes for mac, because I dont have xbox or ps3, so I will have to play it on my dads computer... :(

  • So, does anyone of you own the game already? I'd love playing it right now, but i don't own a PS3/xBox and my Computer hasn't enough video-RAM since I'm not a real gamer. And the other problem in Germany and Austria is that they left out an swastika from censorship… Now they have to find it, and everyone who owns the game for PC already has to wait.

  • I don't own any consoles so I haven't played it either. I've heard very good things about it though.

  • Oh, I haven't wrote anything about it here?

    An amazing game, I think this is exactly how a South Park game should look like. Strong storytelling, a whole lot of fan service and the original humour of the show. You feel the love Trey and Matt and the developers put into this, it is like a second South Park movie.
    I liked the game mechanics as well, but it was too easy from a certain point. I played on middle and changed to hard later. The second thing I found very frustrating was that you can miss things (achievements, but even collectables).
    But over all I am really in love with this game. My favorite parts were Canada and Mr. Slave ;). But the ending was great as well. And so many nice little ideas in between.

    I played the U.S. version on ps3, my cut German Steam version is still untouched.

  • (did you know?!)that they actually took there greatest moments and episodes as part of game itself. Which is awesome I admit... :D:thumbup:

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