I found two suspicious videos on YouTube

  • Ah I think I see what is happening here.

    Well back in the day Matt & Trey actually asked Janina if they could use the idea of sp-studio for their south park site. And well this is what turned out of it as they did not credit Janina sadly. So that is where the 'red version' is from. (but it is in no longer use)

    The second one is just sp-studio. Like the real deal.

    And the third one is a copycat site where the creator copied elements and designs from Janina without her permission. A site Janina and the mods are all to familiar with as it came up a lot with some previous users who promoted that site here.

  • It's how Jareen explained it.

    The red version was the one used by the official South Park page. But they did not just ask me to use my idea, they used most of my drawings as well (with my permission). So it actually was very close to SP-Studio.de - but red instead of blue. ;) There was a lot of confusion because they did not mention my name, so I can understand why some fans did not understand that sp-studio.de was the original source.

    Reagrding the look of sp-studio.de: I changed it over the years to improve the user interface. So it looked very different back then. Here are some screenshots from 2002 to 2009:




    And you can even visit the first version here: http://www.sp-studio.de/sp-studio1/spstudio-v1.html

    There was not much to choose from. :)