Favorite TV Shows 2019!

  • I have so many gems to share but I will start with these 3:

    My top:

    1. Game of Thrones = watching currently on HBO, a great show, twisted story line

    2. The Walking Dead = just awesome!

    3. The Flash = excellent show

    Also I really like Star Trek Discovery and The Big Bang Theory

    And of course Breaking BAD! :love: Fantastic series but already finished.

    Feel free to post your favorite shows. 8)

  • I am very excited for the Game of Thrones finale! This might become my personal highlight of this year.

    bobbysnow : How many seasons have you seen so far?

    Another current favorite of mine is Black Mirror, and I am looking forward to the third season of Stranger Things. I just hope they put less romance in it... this did not work for me last season.

    My favorite finished tv show is still Lost. I love crazy mystery stuff, and there were a lot of great characters. I'd recommend it to everybody who hasn't seen it yet. It aged well.

    I am currently watching The Umbrella Academy on Netflix and like it so far, but I am just at epsiode three so I am not entirely sure about it yet.

    Oh, and Russian Doll is a short but neat time loop story from 2019. Eight episodes, easy to binge watch.

  • Watched 6 seasons of Game of Thrones

    No surprises - one of the best EVER.

    Black Mirror - are you talking about this show? Interesting, seems like a good candidate for watching :) Thank you Janina!

  • I'd say Rick & Morty! Such a funny and smart show!


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  • bobbysnow Yes, that's the show. Every episode is a self-contained story on its own, and all of them deal with the impact modern technology might have on our society. It's a very dark mix between sci-fi and mystery horror.

    But I had to remove your link because it is not allowed to share illegal downloads / streams here. Black mirror can be found on Netflix. Everything else... well... we don't talk about this here. ;)