Contest 03/2018: OSCAR MOVIES

  • Did you watch the Academy Awards last night? Let's create some creative SP-Studio artworks inspired by Oscar nominated movies! Pick any movie you like, the year and category of the nominations do not matter. But pictures about movies which were never nominated for an Oscars will be disqualified. You can use the lists on Wikipedia to check if a movie counts. Here are those for the Best Picture and Best Animated Picture categories.


    • Submit your picture on the CONTESTS page until March 20.
    • The pictures will all show up on March 21 for a vote. You can like as many pictures as you want.
    • On April 1 the winners will be announced.


    • Please use the "big" size (770x770px) when you save your picture. The normal size is okay as well, but don't upload them too small.
    • You are allowed to remove the "" watermark (there is a button on the save screen).
    • The picture must be created at and submitted until March 20, 11:59 PM (GMT+1). I might allow pictures which are a little bit late, but don't count on it. ;)
    • No editing with additional software! No effects, color change, zooming or rotating. Just SP-Studio pictures.
    • If you don't want to tell me your email address this is okay, but I might not be able to contact you if you win.
    • If you have problems with the contact form on the website you can send the picture by email or forum / Facebook message.
    • Add a short English description so we know what's shown in your picture. Text like "VOTE!!!" will be removed.
    • If you upload more than one picture for a contest the newest one counts and the others are deleted.
    • When the voting starts you can lik the pictures until March 31.


    I will draw a SP-Studio item based on YOUR idea. Of course it should be useful in some way, but if I decline your wish you can make another one. The new item will be included in the next update with a fitting topic.

  • Any nomination for an Oscar counts, so it doesn't matter if the movie lost or won.

    But only the "main event" counts. Prices won at the Governors Awards or other events by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences do not.

  • I forgot to mention: While it's usually more interesting to recreate a scene from the movie you are also allowed to show how the Oscar was won during the ceremony. When I picked the contest topic I only thought about scenes from movies, but now somebody submitted a picture about the award itself and this counts as well. But it should still be about a certain movie, not just "random guy wins an Oscar". ;)

  • Quote from Janina

    So old movies count as well.

    :wall: I should read with more attention... :wall: I should read with more attention... :wall: I should read with more attention... :wall:

    Anyway, I'm thinking about something from this year... :rolleyes:

  • No problem :D It's better to ask than to submit a picture that doesn't fit the topic. Like many people did this time... I don't get it. They don't even submit pictures about movies.


    1) 13 points: Jules Winfield in Pulp Fiction (by Léonard Blanchet)
    2) 11 points: Pirates of the Caribbean (by ryan hosman)
    2) 11 points: Scene from The Godfather (1972) (by Art Vandelay)
    4) 10 points: Shape of Water (by Komandor K)
    5) 9 points: Frodo walks through Mordor from the Return of the King (by Buckleswash)

    Congratulations to Léonard Blanchet for his first win! :joy:

    A new contest will start in wednesday (busy easter holidays).