The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: An Sp-Studio Story

  • the year is 1899 and a group of german soldiers lead by a man called the fantom invade london and break into the bank of england to steal leonardo da vinci's drawings of venice using a unknown mechanical war machine. Meanwhile after the world has come to this news, well known adventurer Allen Quartermain was being persuaded to join a group of exceptional people:
    [Blocked Image:]

    Allen was transported to england to meet with his employer, A man known only as M:
    [Blocked Image:]

    M stated that he has a hobby of collecting people with extraordinary talents, Allen, who was the worlds greatest hunter was first introduced to Sea-bearer Captain Nemo who was known for his technological breakthroughs:
    [Blocked Image:]

    After a formal chat with M and the captain, Allen heard a voice not coming from anyone he could see:
    [Blocked Image:]

    he was introduced as hawkey griffin, a scientist known for creating a formula that made people invisible. The last person to walk into the room was mina harker, a young-looking chemist just returning from Transylvania:
    [Blocked Image:]

    This new group's first asignment was to collect the last 2 members, starting with Dorian Grey:
    [Blocked Image:]

    they approached the house of his, and after entering, Dorian said he wouldn't join the league, but then an ambush of soldiers burst into the room, Allen shot down most, with Dorian shot many times, Mina was grabbed by her throat with the soldier threatening to kill her, when her skin went white and her eyes turned red, she bit the mans hand causing him to collapse on the floor. Dead.
    Dorian arose leaving the room in shock as it was revealed he was immortal.
    The team headed to the dock where Nemo's submarine, Nautilus. They arrived in france where they were tasked with finding 2 people: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde:
    [Blocked Image:]

    Allen saw a monstrous beast leap from building to building, using bullets to guide it towards a trap and it worked, Hyde was imprisoned and after he calmed down and the sun rose, they left for their true mission: Stop The Fantom.
    [Blocked Image:]

    The next day they had arrived in venice, where they discovered the fantom was placing bombs in an attempt to sink the city and when the first bomb went off, they chased the fantom before the next bomb went off, they planned to destroy a small building so the building wouldn't ask like dominoes, setting off one after an other and Quartermain found and put a tracker on the fantom before revealing him to be M.
    After Venice was saved they tracked the fantom to a factory in the north pole, where he was trying to recreate the league's powers from kidnapped scientists. Suddenly Dorian pulled a gun on the league, proclaiming that he was with the fantom, and that he set bombs to destroy the Nautilus. Griffin sneaked away from him and got into the ship, taking the bombs and putting them into the factory, after realising that griffin ran away he pulled the trigger, destroying the factory. Dorian collapsed on his knees and quickly faded into dust, Mina remarked that the painting that was keeping Dorian immortal was destroyed in the factory.
    That moment the fantom climbed out of the ice, pulled out a gun and shot Quartermain in the heart, before he could get away Nemo stabbed him in the back,pushing him into a cold watery grave.

    Later, a Allen Quartermain's funeral, the league stand together for the last time. A local witch doctor said that Allen shouldn't have died because he put a spell on him that meant he could never die...

  • Yarrr, I'm capt'n Nemo! Fantastic as always JP, but I had some problems with Identifying some Sp-Users.... Namely Quartermaine and the Phantom, I might be wrong but I guess they are Caribou and Adepalma respectively.... Right?

  • sorry here they are:

    allen quatermain-dogzilla
    captain nemo-eggyslav
    m/the fantom-jareen2
    jekyll/hyde-jetpack-guy (me)
    mina harker-bellaxraven
    the invisible man-jabels
    dorian grey-joker

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