Jetpack-guys edited pictures

  • Sorry I have to correct you again, but you are not supposed to create topics for single pictures. This would end up in big chaos if more members join ;). You can see the rules above:
    "Usually you are allowed to create one thread for your edited SP-Studio pictures here."

    So I changed the title of your topic from "Two-face" to "Jetpack-guys edited pictures".

    This is important to know for every mod:
    If somebody creates a couple of pictures which fit together (for example many edited superhero pictures) you are allowed to create an extra topic for them. But not for one single picture.
    So when the message board opens to the public and you see members creating several topics for single pictures please merge those topics (mod tools) and remind them of this rule.

  • :ash and pikachu

    my first proper edited pic
    im not that happy with it and its my best shot so tell me what u think!

    (ill do requests)

  • That's a good start! :)

    I think you are more limited by the software than by your skills. Did you use Paint? Maybe you should give Gimp a try. It's like Photoshop, but for free.
    And one thing is important: zoooooming :). When you zoom in you can better work on small parts like the hair or the border of the cap.

  • Today, we got our first look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (bitchin if I do say so myself.) So now we have our DC trinity in movie form so I have immortalized them in sp-studio.