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  • The beeping during the riff was rather irritating, but you get used to it. That said, the riff is fucking awesome and I love the energy and charisma of the vocalist, I have a thing for somewhat gravelly voices.
    There's a sweet little organ slam bit at around 50 seconds in and the vocalist just responds with "NO I DON'T LIKE THAT" or something. That was pretty cool, and it does for some reason make me wonder if they influenced Barrett-era Floyd at all, it just gives me that vibe.
    That was actually my first time listening to the Monks. Needless to say, I'm impressed. I give it a solid 7/10.

    Hey Ocean! - Make a New Dance Up

  • Quote from Jabels

    The beeping during the riff was rather irritating, but you get used to it.

    Yep. And then, after about five listens, you start to love it and wish all music sounded like that. ;)

    Seriously man, that was 1965. The only way they could get away with making a racket on record like that (and bear in mind that back then even the Beatles with their nice clean suits and chirpy harmonies were considered dangerously raucous by a lot of people) is because they were American GIs stationed in Germany, where industry standards weren't as tight and they could use their standing in the army to get it released. They made one record, freaked the living shit out of people at their live shows, and then vanished for about thirty years until underground musicians started publicly name-dropping them, and they've gained a cult following that snowballed from there.

    They railed against Vietnam years before it was cool, whilst still in the army. Oh, and they looked like this:
    [Blocked Image:]

    Twelve years later, punk happened and wasn't as punk. 8)

  • Oh, I was going to say that the time it was released makes it marginally cooler, but I decided on just talking about the song itself instead of focusing on other details. I went in as someone in the modern age listening to them blindly for the first time without knowing shit about them. Thanks for the info man, I'll definitely check out more of their stuff.

    And I agree, they're totally punk as fuck.

    Quote from Caribou

    Oh man, that's awesome. Never heard those guys before but I'll definitely be checking out more. I'm a sucker for voices like hers, and the song's just as catchy as sin. 8.5/10.

    I'll admit, I only found out about them because the singer is my favourite character's voice actress in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (god, there's no way of saying that in a way that doesn't make me sound like a raging homo). It's definitely my favourite song by them and never fails to cheer me up, especially the bit where the guitarist and bassist are just naming different dances in the background. "Slow..." "DANCE!" "Square..." "DANCE!" "High School..." "DANCE!" "So you think you..." "CAN DANCE!". I really hope they come to the UK at some point.

  • Quote from ADePALMA1251

    The guitar/drums/etc. were okay, but the singer just wasn't doing anything for me

    Really? The singer is by far my favourite thing about that band; I can't think of anyone who can slip back-and-forth between falsetto and screaming as smoothly and often as he does. But each to their own I guess...

  • @AdePALMA: 5/10

    to avoid chaos, please answer for every open request. so theres always just one open question ;)

    here one of my favorite songs:
    Green Day

    please, everyone his own opinion, but give this a rating below nine... go and die a painful death...

  • Quote from Till

    please, everyone his own opinion, but give this a rating below nine... go and die a painful death...

    Pfft. This wouldn't even get in my (non-existent) List of Top 50 Green Day Songs. It's not a bad song, but it's only really remarkable for being the song they're named after. And the lyrics are embarrassingly crap. I'd give it 6.5/10, but I think even that's being generous due to nostalgia. :whatever:

    The Pogues - "Fiesta"?

  • It sounds like allot of music out today (especially the sound of her voice, at least on that one particular song), but I still enjoyed it quite a bit. Let's keep this women singers thing goin'. I see your KT Tunstall, and raise you Alison Mosshart in The Kills. 8)

    The Kills-"Pots and Pans"?

  • Quote from Wade Zabel

    Puffy Daddy (or diddy, whatever the hell you call him)- Ill be missing you


    Oh Jesus that is bad. Dumps all over a pretty decent Police song with sentimental schmaltz and one of the stiffest, most mumbled attempts at rapping ever given a major-label release. Puff Daddy is a very good businessman, but he fucking sucks as a musician, and if I were the Notorious B.I.G. I'd be glad I was dead just so I didn't have to hear it.

    (I might have given it a few more marks out of ten, if it wasn't for the fact that it was absolutely EVERYWHERE for years and years and apparently it still hasn't gone away completely. I can't even listen to the original without cringeing any more, and I used to quite like that song.)

    Quote from Wade Zabel

    I see your KT Tunstall, and raise you Alison Mosshart in The Kills.

    I see you both and raise you Liela Moss:

    The Duke Spirit - "Love Is an Unfamiliar Name"

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