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    "Cheesy, I know, but Yung Gemmy is a gem! She's been kicking it most of her short life in Adelaide and celebrated her 17th birthday just two days ago - Sun 26 Jul - Happy Birthday Yung Gemmy! How's this for precocious; Gemmy took piano lessons as a child but really found her love for music when she picked up a pair of drum sticks which she believes helped her find the rhythm to her flow. She'd been selling beats to internet friends for sometime before taking some inspiration from fellow Adelaidean crew T-Kay Maidza to release some tunes with her own raps. Wii Shop Channel $waggin features English (school language), Filipino (table language) and Japanese (she's been picking it up from friends, no biggie) and her forthcoming mixtape due to drop in August may or may not feature Lil B.
    So Precocious."

    Not many of these people came through but the ones that did came thru like a mf RTJ2 slams like a mf

    Resurrecting a nearly dead thread because I can

    After several listens, I am now convinced that YG's My Krazy Life is the best West Coast Hip-Hop album of the decade

    So does anyone have any albums coming out this year they're excited for?

    Personally, I'm excited for new:


    RA The Rugged Man (hopefully)

    Run The Jewels

    Wu-Tang (hopefully)


    Schoolboy Q

    Czarface 2 (Inspectah Deck & Esoteric)

    Capital Steez

    Jesus christ, fuck that religious mayor. your religion is not the fucking answer to everything. And, i dont care if its not by morgan freeman (Its not.), I just agree with everything in it.

    I thought i was the only one going through Sandy. I just got my power on, and like she said, alot of wind and a couple cities near me are flooded.

    Quote from Janina

    By the way: My favorite Halloween movie is Trick'r Treat. Check it out if you search for great Halloween atmosphere!

    Nice to know im not the only one who loves that movie. Anyway, i dont have anything planned on Halloween, i might see if anyone's having a party. I have plans for the night before, which include, but are not limited to: egging my old middle school, going back to the abandoned house that sent me to the hospital, and egging the little kids who think their badass tp-ing houses.


    Heres what will most likely happen: ill go out, someone will get me weed, and ill spend the next few hours trying to remember what Halloween is.