What's your favorite horror movie

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    Horror is my favorite genre, so it's a tough decision... and there are so many different types oif horror movies. Blood yones, creepy ones, psychological horror, comedies, slasher, monster movies, trash... But I think I'd go with this one:


    It combines differentz aspects of horror and I adore the unsettling atmosphere. Ari Aster is a very skilled director and the actors give amazing performaces.

  • Anyways, making another post again because why not this movie is called regurgitate sacrifice. (also note the following movie in this movie I'm talking about it shows a lot of Gore, a lot of nudity, a lot of vomiting in sum, how about to say this pee and cups and drinking it, so please don't watch it at your own risk if you have any eating disorder do not watch this!) I seen this so many times, so I'm not easily disgusted, but it is disgusting, the sounds and everything the plot line is messed and don't search it up and go to image.

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