Contest 05/2023: ONE COLOR

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    The vote has started!

    We have an amazing record with 486 pictures. What a blast to look through all these colorful creations! :)

    The public vote will be accompanied by a jury vote for the first time in the history of the SP-Studio contests. This jury conmsists of six experienced members of the SP-Studio community and their task is to rate the pictures as objective as possible by creativity, skill and artistic value. The jury members are:

    Art Vandelay  DavidSchwarz  Eggyslav  Jareen2  Paul/Tony Maroj  SpookyRookie - and me, Janina. :party:

    Votes by the jury count more than regular votes and I am looking for a 40% jury - 60% public weighting. In the end both results will be published here in the forum for transparency. Of course jury members are not allowed to vote for their own pictures.

    Fun fact: This month there were about 250 disqualified pictures which were against the rules (about 80 weren't even SP-Studio pictures). And about 80 double entries.

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    Congratulations to the winners!



    SO many wonderful pictures! But Jareen made it, and it was a close fight this time. This was the first contest with the new jury vote in addition to the public vote. So I'll also show the different favourites for both groups. The votes of the seven jury members count x2,5 - so of course the public vote with more than 600 voters is still more important.

    If you are interested in the exact numbers I can upload them later.

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