New SP-Studio suggestions

  • Why March?? Sorry if I’m being way too impatient but why the New SP-Studio can’t have the extra update around late January or early February? I’m just asking.

    It takes a lot of time to code new features and make sure everything runs smoothly on every browser. Usually things like this are done by a bigger team, but Lars has to do all of the coding on his own. I can only help with the design part since I cannot code in React. Both of us have our daily jobs so we can only work on the SP-Studio in our free time after work or on weekends. So March is a realistic time frame for a second update - and I won't force Lars to be faster, because I know he already is really fast. He does not owe anything to anybody here. And he works on this project for way less than what would be a regular payment.

    You know, software development is not cheap. We are speaking of thousands of dollars here. Usually you have to pay freelance developers a lot of money for a professional piece of software like this. Especially people with the experience Lars has. While I earn some money with donations there are not enough donations to hire a professional team and tell them: "This has to be finished in two months, go!" So unless the SP-Studio users start to donate more money we all have to accept that things take their time. Of course I am always happy about donations by impatient people who want to change this! But most prefer to wait a little longer as long as they don't have to pay. ;)

    There was another option. Instead of voluntarily donations I could have switched to a paywall and paid content. This way I'd be able to earn more money and invest it into the development process. But would you prefer this? I always wanted the SP-Studio to be a tool which can be used by everybody, even if they don't have money to pay for it.

    Perhaps I should not have mentioned the plans for this second update yet... The launch version will have all important features. This is the main goal we want to achieve, and everything that comes afterwards is just a nice little bonus. And of course it all depends on if Lars wants to continue after launch day. We should be deeply grateful if he does a second update at all. It is very kind of him to offer this.

  • Janina, I have a suggestion for you: eyes with curve lines.

    Here’s a comparison between a canonical picture of Kyle to the picture that i made on SP-Studio.

    Have you seen the difference? The canonical picture accurately depict Kyle with a black curve line between the two eyes while the one made on the SP-Studio doesn’t have this line.

    I mean, you don’t need to revamp the entire avatar to make it closer to how South Park children characters look, but you should at least improve the eyes.

  • Oh yes, the eye line... this is a funny topic. :)

    Back when I started drawing South Park fan art my first goal was to make them as close to the original as possible. But then I realized I disliked certain details about the original art style - like the line between the eyes, the shape of the feet or the asymmetric shapes in general. It's just personal taste when I am drawing and I fully understand if other South Park fans are confused by this. But I decided for my own fan art style to get rid of this line. This might sound weird because the rest of the character is pretty close to the original. But I feel distracted by this little line.

    Surprisingly in all these years (as far as I remember) nobody mentioned the missing line, so I guess most fans don't care much about it.

    So... sorry, but I won't change it. The SP-Studio is fan art, but I want to stick to the small personal details I add to my drawings.

  • But speaking of March, it would be nice if you created a Country update with Cowboy stuff, it’s my main request for you at the moment since there’s very few Country-centric itens and clothes in the SP-Studio.

    Sorry, I forgot to reply to this. A couple of months ago I actually thought about a wild west update and I started drawing a new background for it. So it's very likely that a country / wild west / cowboy update will come in 2021. I have already planned the content updates for January (Steampunk) and February (business fashion) because I asked my Patreon supporters for their opinion. But everything is open after these. :)

  • Janina, I’d like to suggest you to revamp Kyle’s and Craig’s hats.

    That’s how their hats look in the show.

    That’s how their hats look on SP-Studio.

    It would be a lot nicer to make them more accurate to their tv shows’ counterparts, don’t you think?

  • Since I stooped drawing South Park items I had no plans to update the old items, but on the other hand... this is not much work, so I will do it. :)