my South Park fan project

  • When i started to create the characters on Gimp, i traced the South Park 4th grader body parts and needed to put them together over and over again.

    although they weren’t exactly bladly-drawn, i was getting very frustrated because of that since the characters sometimes looked a bit off-model or just flat out weird, so, i had an idea, I decided to use SP-Studio as a base to my characters, this was the result:

    It was a lot easier than i thought, the only "difficult part" was deleting the edges after i removed the white background, but i deleted it by using feather edges and it cleaned up fine.

    In the next part, I’ll show more characters and even some creations that i made using bases.

  • Yes it would be better to keep related posts in one thread - especially when there is more to come. But that's no problem, I will merge them for you.

    Regarding the pictures: You combined the background and characters really well! I'm curious what comes next. :)

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